Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Comparing the Candidates' Numerological Cycles: Part 2
In numerology, we experience 9 year cycles of time, and these cycles have 3 numbers that influence the sort of consciousness and lessons to be learned. In addition, each year in a 9-year cycle corresponds to 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. Let's have a look at the candidates' cycle numbers.

JOHN McCAIN: McCain's present cycle is influenced by 1-9-5. He entered this cycle when he was 53, and has experienced 2 subsequent deepenings of the phase beginning at age 62 and 71. He is now in the 2 year of his newest cycle. 1-9-5 needs to learn to experience the power of the individual self (1) with all its accompanying lack of confidence and over-confidence, its impulsiveness and lack of completion, its originality and zeal. McCain has had the 1 in every period of his life, so learning to be himself, put himself out in public, and be a leader has been a big part of his growth in this life. Until now, however, he's had the driving, ambitious 1 in combination with security-oriented and power-oriented 4's and 8's. This helped him develop the "maverick" Mac truck persona he has.

What's different now is that he is learning to understand the 9, which is the opposite of 1; it is about collective consciousness, faith, trust, dissolution of personal boundaries and the personal experience of connection to the divine, the unified field, and feminine energy. McCain's old militaristic persona IS NOT WHO HE IS NOW. He is softening, and in terms of soul growth this is fantastic. He has the potential to be a visionary, to be compassionate, humanitarian, philanthropic, and highly creative — IF he can let go of the previous foursquare definitions of himself and undergo a sort of ego death. Politics unfortunately thrives on categorizing people in boxes that capture and preserve past identities. It will be difficult for McCain to shift out of the box he lived in, and was identified as, for 52 years. The 5 indicates he needs to learn the lesson of fluidity and flexibility, of enhanced ability to communicate and network. The shadow side of this lesson often involves paralysis of some sort, or being restrained and limited by external forces. Or, it can indicate being spread too thin among many points of view, flipping from one to another and not holding steady. McCain's personal year this year is 2, which means he is focusing on relationship issues and how he connects to the world. This is not a particularly powerful cycle for cementing a big win. The cycle McCain is in now, in my opinion, is not that of a strong leader for the chaotic times we face.

SARAH PALIN: Palin's cycles are all the same—2-4-0—for her entire life, except for this one 9-year period that she's in now, from age 40-48, which is 2-8-0. Basically her entire life is one main lesson: connecting to other people in a sensitive way, and needing approval and connections, while cementing the relationships and preserving them to provide security and status. She is driven by the need for security through relating, and most people I've seen with this pattern are charming and ambitious about having important relationships from which they then receive a vicarious sense of self. They are often very good at promotion and sales. The pattern is not varied or complex enough to give her the breadth of experience she needs for the trying and difficult job of President. which she might well inherit. 2008 is a 5 year for her, which means radical change, travel, movement, and breaking free from restrictions. It brings flux and often chaos and confusion as the soup-pot is being stirred up.

JOE BIDEN: Biden shifted into his present cycle at age 53: 7-7-2. His previous years were an interesting balance of a variety of numbers, some of which focus on steadiness and security, on building and strengthening, and some that provide movement and variety. It is a much more well-balanced chart, giving a wider range of experience and a balanced personal character. The phase he's in now is different from his earlier years, similar to McCain's shift to a different kind of period in later life. 7's indicate a need to be in the truth, to find answers that reflect the core truth of the univeral laws, and to be highly ethical and "upright." There is often a renewed focus on higher learning and academic progress, and it sharpens the intellect to the point of brilliance. It also, however, causes the personality to be more internal and private, and people have a greater tendency to hold their own counsel and go within to find answers at a soul level. This gives great analytical powers and attention to detail, as well as technological expertise. This, in a VP, is a great tendency as it provides a powerful sounding board, doublecheck, and extra detail for the President. It also is more comfortable being in a support role, since the need for privacy is high. Biden, like Palin, is in a 5 year, indicating his world has also been stirred up, and he too is undergoing a radical change.

BARAK OBAMA: Obama throughout his whole life, has a strong emphasis on structure, management, organizational systems, and practical results. Like Palin, he seeks security, but unlike her, his drive is tempered by great open-mindedness, humor, positive thinking, and ability to communicate and express himself clearly. His present cycle is 4-6-4, which is the "earth father" and the provider/mentor. He is service-oriented, reliable, real, concerned for family, both his own, the country as family, and the family of mankind. He understands healing, is nurturing, and is actually the "salt of the earth." He will understand real estate, and what promotes stability. He will not back down from challenges—this pattern brings great inner strength and responsibility. His next cycle has the 8 and 7, like Biden, and this means he is driven by the need to materialize systems that embody truth—this, in a nutshell, is his life work. Obama is in a 4 year this year, which is a year of cementing results, of crystallizing the forms that he's been working to clarify for the past 3 years. This is a powerful year for achievement for him.

The 4 vibration (Obama), when compared to the 2 (McCain), always comes off as strong, grounded, tangible, and real. The 2 can feel wishy-washy, or needy, or just soft and receptive. It can indicate a year of conflict, combativeness, or peacemaking. My overall take on this is that Obama has the energy and proper traits we're going to need in the next few chaotic, fear-laden years. His wife, Michelle, is in a 1 year this year, beginning a phase of 8-1-6, which also fits for starting a new cycle focused on executive leadership. Her chart is incredibly powerful and sensitive—she is a hidden asset in a very big way.