Monday, September 22, 2008

Evolution Or Devolution?
by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman

This comes from my friend Steve Bhaerman (Swami Beyondananda) and his writing partner, Bruce Lipton:
. . .this election is far more than a contest between two political parties, but a referendum on two diametrically-opposed world views. One world view essentially believes that the nature of human nature is 'evil' so consequently we humans must be controlled, if necessary via manipulation, force and the threat of death. In this world view, we are 'sinners', hopeless and helpless without divine intervention. And if we're very, very lucky, the Divine presence will return — to destroy the world. The other world view suggests that we may be 'sinners' only in the sense that to 'sin' in archery means 'to miss the mark.' In this alternative world view, we aren't hopeless sinners, but hopeful 'learners.' Life moves forward. . .with our accumulated awareness, provided we learn. Here too we may call upon divine intervention, but that intervention is to purify our own heart and intentions.

In short, this election is about evolution vs. devolution. Do we evolve to achieve our human potential (our full potential to be human)? Or, do we devolve into machine-controlled slaves who mistake reality TV for reality? This election is bigger than Democrat vs. Republican, even though the two world views are wearing these labels this time around. It's not so much whether a candidate believes in the theory of evolution, but whether they believe in the 'practice' of evolution. And that practice may be akin to the 'community organizing' the Republicans so snidely dismissed. (Someone sent me a slogan that would make a great bumper sticker, 'Jesus Was a Community Organizer.')

Why community organizing? According to cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, the nature of practical evolution is. . .community, cooperation and shared awareness. Ever since the first single cell organisms got tired of the single life and combined forces with other single cells some 700 million years ago, every evolutionary step has involved groups of cells combining to increase efficiency, awareness, and survivability. You and I, for example, are communities of 50 trillion cells that cooperate for the purpose of bringing 'us' to the world every day.

The thriving cellular society beneath our skins boast universal health care, full employment, and truly no cell left behind. Our organs — which can be seen as huge 'businesses' employing millions and sometimes trillions of cells — do not 'compete' against other organs, but work with them to create health and vitality for the whole body. We as a species are on the threshold of a new evolution. Only this evolution doesn't involve growing another limb, or even a bigger brain. Rather it involves learning what our cells learned millions of years ago — the universal successful operating principle for life is "we're all in it together."

Just as our cells have learned to thrive through the common purpose of "thrival" for the entire organism, the next phase in human evolution involves recognizing ourselves each and all as cells in the body of humanity. In the universal 'fractal' reiterating pattern of nature, we find the cell, the individual, the community, and even the planet all have the same requirements: fresh air, clean water, healthy and abundant food. While that may seem like a high-minded ideal, in fact it is the down-to-earth 'real deal' that will determine whether we humans realize our true human potential, or whether our species gets an 'F' in third dimension.

Not only will it give you a new understanding of evolutionary science, but it will explain how the 'invisible' field of ideas impacts our biology and our reality — and how we can change these beliefs from dysfunctional to functional. This understanding is particularly important if we are to see this election — or any other one — in proper perspective.

So, back to the election. What are we voting for? Or against? In essence, our choice boils down to two distinct ways of seeing the world and experiencing reality. 'We're all in this together' vs. 'Every man for himself.' One world view represents the core views of Jesus, and every other spiritual teacher in history (and now confirmed by science). The other is a distortion based on millennia of rule by 'the lowest common dominator.'

When Sarah Palin — or anyone else — 'appeals to the base,' they have the weight of history and unconscious programming on their side. So pervasive is this belief in original sin and the venal nature of human nature, that even those who call themselves progressive often subconsciously don't really believe change is possible.

So the important thing now is for us to keep our eye on the prize, the "thrival" of humanity by working together rather than fighting one another. Interestingly, this is the 'prize' the founders of America fought for, and is expressed in our motto E Pluribus Unum, out of many one. Jefferson, Madison and company did not in any way intend a top-down imposition of this common purpose, but rather a bottom-up realization of it. That is exactly what is manifesting now, and as Deepak points out, why the opposition is so strong and powerful.

In any shadow work, we must first confront our own individual issues — our fears and other shadow manifestations that keep these 'dominator' patterns in place. Remember, we cannot successfully confront in another what we are unwilling to face in ourselves. So let's lose no energy to despair or hand-wringing about how awful it is. It is exactly as it must be. We cannot muster the internal and external resolve to make this next evolutionary leap without the resistance that strengthens us. May the best paradigm win.

Photo copyright by Penney Peirce