Monday, December 29, 2008

A Worthy Goal for 2009

"Love is unlimited, but it needs scope to expand and rise; without that scope, life is unhappy."
—Bowl of Saki, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

This quote came from a friend, and I like the thought that love is a given, and our job is to provide it with a means of moving and expanding—so we can actually experience what it feels like. I'm thinking that this is a worthy motive for 2009—to experiment with making a bigger love container, a stretchier, perhaps even more detailed, experience of what love can feel like. We hold an unconscious idea that love should come to us, that we should deserve love to flow TO us. But truly, it is our job to feel love, to extend it to others, or to invest loving attention or expectations in situations, which moves it.

If you feel your aura as a "love ball" and expand it so it becomes more inclusive, you'll experience those people and situations inside your aura as lovable. How expansive and inclusive can we be in 2009? What people and things that we have previously excluded from love, can we now include in love—in other words, can we feel love as it exists in its particular form in what we've previously judged negatively?

Here's an idea: as the new year begins, write in your journal, or on your computer, describing how you feel you're successful at loving, and how you feel deficient at it. Put it aside and determine to be loving in new ways this year. At the end of 2009, get the document out and write about your growth toward being more loving. . .and in what new ways you've discovered that love works to create greater success.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Left and Right Brain: Let's Work Together!

I may be the only person left who hadn't read the various articles about Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke, chronicled in her book, My Stroke of Insight (Viking 2008), which taught her so much about achieving a state of peace and harmony. She says, "When you're really paying attention to the richness of the present moment, that's right-minded (right-brained) awareness. The left hemisphere is preoccupied with past and future, projecting fears, contemplating ideas that aren't relevant to the here and now. Once you realize you have these 2 different brains, you can learn to choose, moment by moment, how you want to live.

"I use the tools of the left hemisphere to PUSH into the world, but as soon as it becomes stressful, I can feel that in my body, and I switch to the right hemisphere to PAUSE. . . .You can say, "If I pull the plug on this circuit, I don't have to think (stressful) thoughts anymore."

I like the simplicity of the idea of PUSH and PAUSE, and using the 2 motions to stay in tune with whatever energy flow, or awareness flow, you're in at the moment. I talk about this a whole lot in my new book, FREQUENCY: The Power of Personal Vibration, due out Feb 3. We are now learning to use our ever-heightening sensitivity to monitor the phases of the waves we're in, and to choose right action, right feeling, right thought. If something feels stressful, or too dull and sluggish, you're just at the end of a wave phase, in the turn to the next (often opposite) phase. Out to in, head to heart, body to soul, etc.

Blessings for the holidays. . .

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Fine Line between Prediction & Cocreation

My intuition colleagues have of late been discussing the idea of prediction, thanks to Kevin Ryerson, who introduced the topic. He wrote, "To what extent is prediction drawing cues from the unconscious and sometimes uneducated collective will and extrapolating based on current beliefs, fears, desires and so on?

The intention to predict can potentially accelerate the prediction to become reality by mobilizing collective will and publishing the prediction into the social sphere, which drives it even further. It seems potentially dangerous to influence social will, to 'prove' a prediction is accurate, thus giving a 'you were right' acknowledgment to the people who agree with the prediction, when in fact they are using a creative agency to cocreate the prediction based on the laws of creation in our universe.

Collective conscious cocreation is something we seem to be working on in our world currently. We haven't extended enough successful collaborative models yet. So far we're getting there by default, through media and partisan policitics — the net effect."

We've been thinking about an idea we've begun calling "proactive intuition" where, when someone predicts something, either positive or negative, that same person might take a form of appropriate action to either help it happen or change the situation so a negative situation might not to happen.

Another colleague, Dr. Marcia Emery, responded: Something that has been rumbling around in my head is the notion that the new government will pay more attention to the wisdom embedded in dreams. In time, I envision their intuitive doorways opened to input coming from precognitive, intuitive dreams. For my part, I want to contact officials whoever they may be to let them know how to keep a dream journal, access suggestions via books for dream interpretation, read samples of dream research, learn about the many viable ideas that have sprung from precognitive dreams, and last but not least, let them know of a reputable international organization doing dreamwork (IASD). If you know anyone in government I can contact, please let me know.

I knew this was a viable idea when I received this message in a fortune cookie last night that said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Just as an aside, I first started keeping a dream journal in March 1970 and two months later, my intuitive gateway opened through precognitive dreams that were coming fast and furiously. I want to see dreamwork with an emphasis on intuitive dreams openly honored by those who can use the input for the benefit of all concerned.

So, what's rumbling around in you that you sense might be a precognitive intuition? And is there something proactive you might do to help it materialize?

A Thought from Rainer Maria Rilke

"Ah, the night demands nothing of me. However,
when I turn toward the stars,
the incapable to the capable:
Where am I standing? Was I here?"

from a letter to Frau Magda von Hattingberg, Feb 26, 1914
translated by Rod McDaniel, Heidelberg

Monday, December 15, 2008

An Alignment for the Holidays

I place my faith in God first, and then I know how God is in all things, and in all people, and in me. God makes the Flow go places. God brings out the Light in things, and in people, and in me. God makes me notice. It is God that makes me live and God that helps me learn to experience more of God. I give my whole attention to God moving through me, and God moving in the world. There is nowhere that can be empty of God's attention, so I am never alone. The God inside things and people will always recognize me and help me see myself in them. Knowing this is such great relief, such great freedom.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Current Mayan Creation Cycle

by Brian Myers, Mayan Astrologer

This is a piece I've had for several years, written by my friend Brian, and I just reread it and realized how right on the Mayan cycles are.

The New Year (2005) started off with a bang with the tsunami, and it turned my mind to the Mayan Calendar. I had hoped that the Mayan new year 3 Caban, starting on March 21, 2005, would offer relief from the challenges we have experienced under 2 EB, but I realized some other factors may be involved.

The Mayan numbers (13 total) are a creation cycle. One is reception, two the split into duality, three activation, four definition...and on to ten-manifestation, 11 integration with what existed before, 12 stability and new understanding, and 13 the release, and breath before starting a new creation cycle.

To really describe the quality of a year's events we have to also take into account where it fits into the creation cycle and more importantly, what the creation cycle itself is about. This cycle is also THE MOST CRITICAL creation cycle ever, since it occurs at the very end of the Mayan Calendar's largest cycle. That's the one everyone has heard about that ends in 2012.

What is interesting is that our creation cycle comes to manifestation in 2012. It's important to note though that the cycle doesn't complete until 2015, which might be worth considering for anyone who thinks the world will end in 2012. It won't end, but much of our current way of life will be changed by then.

This current creation cycle began last year in 1 Manik. That means "Initiate Healing and Cooperation." This creation cycle is about healing everything that has arisen and leaves us with a cooperative and nurturing way of life. That's pretty good news, but if you consider all the things that will have to be let go of or restructured to make that happen, and all the resistance to the process that will occur, you can see what to expect of this 13 year cycle. These really are the "End Times," but that doesn't mean we all die, it just means our way of life must end and be replaced by something better. But it is a bumpy ride and many people will die before it's over.

The Mayan Year starting on March 21, 2005 is 3 Caban. It is about activating the core connections that link our cores to our earth's core to our sun's core to our galaxy's core, etc. It's about activating a new integration and holism. In the creative process it is where we begin to get an inkling of what the new creation will be about. I believe, however, that these hopeful developments will occur in the background to the larger events tied to the creation cycle: the breakdown of our old way of life. More war, natural disaster and economic collapse.

We need to look at the coming years like an expectant mother in birth pains as she births a new child. It's agony and suffering and we feel we are coming apart, but we feel good about the new life that is coming. We will soon sense what that new life is. It may be just a hint, but it will be very real and beautiful. Also, "Activate Core Connections" implies creating our support network for dealing with the struggles of this transitional period. It's time to dig in for the long haul of war, scarcity, disasters, etc. We will begin to establish that core network we can count on in crises.

We really won't begin to have smooth sailing again until about 2014, but there will be some better times ahead. EB 2 is trial, challenge and loss leading to rebirth. To experience that means we are in one position, EB happens, and we are knocked into the opposite position. This is basically a harsh slap in the face and isn't that what we've been experiencing? We will go through EB two more times in this 13 year creation period. Once in 2008 (6 EB), which should be challenging but fast, regular, and ongoing. I am concerned about this period as it will be an intense period of change and breakdown. The next will be in 2012 itself, when we experience 10 EB: "Manifest Rebirth." This is sure to be challenging and extreme, but it holds the promise of bringing the new reality into creation at its close.

After 2005 Activates our Core Connections, 2006 is 4 IK, which "Defines the Winds of Change." IK is a wind that blows down anything that will not stand with integrity. This should be a powerful time of change, and clear delineations. Then in 2007 we have 5 Manik: "Centered in the Healing Hands." This should be a balancing period, a time of reconciliation. It will literally be the calm before the storm though, as it is followed in 2008 by 6 EB, the "Cycles of Rebirth" which I discussed above. That year is followed by 3 years of positive regrouping which lead to the manifestation in 2012.

So in a nutshell we are in a tough period of years, but we can begin to watch what is being created as it starts to unfold for us. That is what we must turn our attention to and put our faith in as we weather the storms.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Emotions in Your Dreams

(An excerpt from Penney's book: Dreams for Dummies)

If you're interested in recording your dreams in a dream diary — or in interpreting your dreams — some emotion you've experienced is probably the driving force. Every time you express or deny an intense emotion, you can be sure there is fodder for a powerful dream. Though dreams heavy with emotion can be disturbing, they provide guidance about what's going on in your subconscious. Some topics of emotional dreams are:

* Psychological processing: You root out fears, pain, vulnerabilities, blind spots, and subconscious blockages so you can become conscious of what holds you back, clear it, and be courageous and free. You may dream about fears of being powerless, in pain, unworthy, unsuccessful, out of control, overwhelmed, victimized, rejected, changed, or of dying or facing the void.

* Taboos: You explore forbidden territory, inhibitions, and suppressed desires, often about sex, crime, or antisocial behavior, as a way to free self-expression. For example, a sensible accountant by day may dream of wild sexual trysts by night. You might find yourself acting out secret vengeance thoughts about an unappreciative boss or relative.

* Relationship dynamics: You receive insights about how you relate to others and how you give and receive so you can improve your ability to love. This includes learning to balance your internal yin and yang energy. You might dream you are a helpless passenger in a car driven by another, aggressive person, or that you took your obnoxious neighbor a cake instead of reporting him to the police.

* Past life memory: You travel in time to revisit memories of other lives, or to clear blocked energy where emotion is stuck. You re-experience, in a dream, a previous death, trauma, remorse, deep grief, terror, or a situation where you had too much ego.

* Precognitive warnings: You receive forewarning of sudden change or upheaval: A loved one is about to die, you are soon to lose your job or partner, or the world is about to experience a shocking event like Pearl Harbor or September 11. Or, you are shown an omen to watch for that is a clue to success in a new endeavor.

* Out of body travel: You collapse time and space and visit a distant sick friend you're worried about, have a visitation from a dead relative with a message for you, or travel with a friend who's actually in India.

Recognize emotional symbols
With a little practice, you can figure out how to immediately sense the "charge" that's often present with emotional zone symbols. Here are some examples of images that pertain to emotional processes:

* State of your emotions: Water, lake, ocean, river, pool, swamp, flood, tidal wave, swimming, diving, fishing, drowning, water vehicles, house burning, forest or brush fire, campfire, fire in a fireplace, smoke, explosion, storm, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, volcano, mudslide

* Emotional processes and issues: Babies, children, fish, snakes, lions, tigers, bears, sharks, dolphins, puppies, hummingbirds, otters, horses, elephants, sex, relationships, celebrities, battle, betrayal, hiding, hoarding, being drained, being chased, exposure, nudity, poison, suffocation, paralysis, prison, weapon, trap, losing or finding important items or money