Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Numerological Insights about the Candidates: Part 1 — Life Numbers
Interestingly, Barak Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, and John McCain, (as well as Bill Clinton and Al Gore) all have 11/2 as their Life Number (the sum of the birthdate). Sarah Palin and George Bush have 6 as their Life Number. Hillary Clinton has 3.

ELEVEN (Obama, Biden, McCain, Bill Clinton, Gore) is considered the number of inspiration and revelation, and often gives the urge to connect to something higher, to bring down spiritually-based vision, insight, and guidance and give it out to others in the form of teaching, counsel, or service. Many ministers and inspired artists, as well as magnetic public figures, have this number. It denotes diplomatic ability and tact, and a tendency toward creating agreement and peace on the one hand, but also gives the ability to fight when necessary. Twos and elevens (the spiritualized version of the 2) are working on the spiritual issues of understanding DUALITY, opposition, complementarity, conflict, integration, and separation, and reunion. To learn these lessons, the focus is often on finding harmonious relationships, learning to receive/listen and give/express equally, learning to be comfortable with both-and thinking rather than either-or thinking, and to share with and trust others. Challenges often have to do with firming up personal boundaries, overcoming warlike tendencies or the need to dominate, and developing intuition.

When this pattern is well-developed in a mature person, it brings high levels of sensitivity to others and what's happening in the invisible realms. It truly allows the person to feel what it's like to be in someone else's shoes and thus develops great compassion. It brings a strong emphasis on communication and diplomatic understanding as a way to solve problems first, with fighting as a second resort. It also brings patience and true caring about the welfare of others.

When this pattern is underdeveloped, it brings codependency — with a mate, sexual partners, cronies, or a form of the Divine that may be overpersonalized and anthropormorphized. It can mask insecurity about being alone, or being original, or too different. There is a need for approval and agreement that can become unhealthy. There can be contentiousness and pettiness, as well as a strong drive to be attractive and approved of by others. It also leads to flip-flopping and ambiguous self expression.

A mature, well-developed ELEVEN President would promote diplomatic solutions, cooperation, collaboration, cocreation, communication, and likely, bipartisan and cross-cultural, win-win solutions.

SIX (Palin and Bush) is found with people who are learning about integration of heaven and earth, that ordinary life IS the divine. This pattern brings sensitivity to disharmony and a desire to fix things. There may be a strong focus on health, food/diet, the home and family, and the experience of belonging to a group. The life number is commonly found with people who work in the healing professions, with art, and with the formation and management of groups. Since 6 brings such a strong emphasis on family values, men and women tend to become patriarchs or matriarchs, and derive value from having others depend on them. In politics, it produces nationalism and patriotism.

When healthy and mature, this pattern produces people of great wisdom, sensitivity, patience, kindness, and service orientation.

When unhealthy and underdeveloped, the pattern produces people who want to control others by being a dictator or parental authority figure. They want followers, rather than to belong to a soul family in which all members are equal. They become protectionist, secretive, and exclusive.

THREE (Hillary) promotes internal harmony, a positive attitude, and creates an urge to express oneself authentically and originally, often through the voice, writing, and performing in public. Typically, the life lessons are about developing a sense of humor, naturalness and ease, and the ability to encourage others in their self-expression and creativity. There may be challenges concerning fear of persecution for speaking truth to power, and overcoming reclusiveness and shyness.