Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween and the Other Side
I did a research reading on the unique power of this time of the year. People brought many interesting questions, especially about what happens after death. What came through repeatedly was that nonphysical beings are extremely telepathic, as are we when we quiet down. The minute we think about a loved one who is "on the other side," they think about us. They don't know if they thought of us, or we them. It's so simultaneous. In those higher mental realms, thought processes are lightning fast. Also, those who are connected by love are consciously intentional about helping and serving each other. It also came out that many people work with souls who are crossing over or who have died and are not clear where they are. If you dream of catastrophes where many people die, you may actually be there helping, and not seeing your role in the scenario. The information we got is fascinating, and I am going to edit it and put it on my site soon as a podcast.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Mapping Global Dreams, and More
I'm in Baltimore and met today with John Petersen, the founder of The Arlington Institute, which focuses on futurism and global transformation. Their work is fascinating — a synthesis of many thinkers and visionaries, everyone from Whitley Streiber to Ingo Swann to Joseph Jaworski. John listens intently to every visionary dream and insight, persistently plugging the data into some big databank in his awareness. Our intuitive information about coming trends lined up fairly well, and I ended up doing a reading for them on their own future. One fascinating project they have in the works is the WHETHER Report, a new Global Strategic Early Warning Capability. They are interested in tracking largescale "global surprises." Part of this is to record global dreams: people write their significant dreams into a global database with software that will analyze the content for themes, locations, intensity, etc. It would enable us to see that water dreams, or earthquake dreams, for example, were happening with more frequency in certain parts of the world. I encourage you to check out their work.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Release Isn't Always Relief
The elm tree out back is raining yellow leaves. The sun, even at noon, has taken on a yellow cast; the overexposed white light of summer has finally shifted. And my energy is coming back! It seems there is "release" in the air. A nuclear explosion in Korea, an earthquake in Hawaii, the surfacing of hypocrisy in the "anti-gay gay Republicans" (thanks, Al Franken and Jon Stewart). Release is an important function, especially when the egomind has been trying to control life for too long. But release isn't always pleasant. It's reassuring to know that the soul force in all of us (I believe there is one soul force permeating everything) absolutely WILL break through when we become too calcified, but what happens immediately after the breakthrough is fairly chaotic. Radiation in the air, toppled buildings, a change in the power structure in government — or, more personally, our own minds run rampant through worst possible scenarios, rage and blaming games, and addictions of choice. Now is the time to get ahold of ourselves, to give ourselves a good talking to! I thought awhile ago that I needed Dr. Phil to come into my living room and lay it on me! Then I realized I was going to have to do it myself. "So, girl — what exactly ARE you taking responsibility for? Is it fun living with you? Are you willing to do the work?" I can just hear him. I also heard on the news that people today expect to work less for more money. No one values the ethic of working hard anymore, putting in dues, or perfecting their skills and craft. Release is not relief. In spite of people flocking to the Abraham-Hicks teachings and Donald Trump seminars, I sense life is in the process of releasing some big-time energies that will challenge our inflated, lazy ways and return us to our roots.

Monday, October 9, 2006

Crystal Cave of the Heart
I have been describing the energy intensification and the process it has triggered over the past few weeks, but it seems to have started mid-August and built toward the crest. After the full moon the other day, it seems to have softened, and an integration period has ensued. Yesterday I wrote a poem about going into a crystal cave in a quiet mountain, and this morning I got an email from another intuitive I know, Jan C, who is very perceptive and she says: "For the past week and a half, the energy has morphed very rapidly. Spirit told our groups that a core healing has occurred, all we have to do now is give permission, and that we can easily release to the Light anything that no longer serves. A Heart Crystal (size, shape, color determined by the individual Soul) was placed, with permission, in the physical heart, and began resonating and expanding according to the mission and purpose of each person. This is not a crystal as we think of the word, but a living, expanding experience of ourselves from Source. This contiunes to pulse and stretch to receive. In addition, an experience was presented to link the Heart and Mind, so that the mind comes back into service of the heart. The Love energy has now started to arrive in quantum waves, and is impulsing the Heart Crystals. The Light has paved the way for Love, and it is now here, so that we can truly begin to be the Love that we are. Some physical bodies are responding to this with additional clearing that must take place to be able to hold the Love frequency, but Core Healing will help with that. All we have to do is give permission."

Monday, October 2, 2006

The Meaning in My House
When you live in a house for many years, sometimes your eyes become so accustomed to the view, to the relationships between objects, that you forget why you acquired and put the things in their order. I find myself much affected by visionary and tactile impressions; to see parallels between the designs on the dishes and mugs I use and the fabric pattern on my big armchair gives me pleasure. I picked things because they connect me to meanings I want to remember. In my house are many sacred shapes; arrangements of round baskets to hold offerings and vows, circles and sunfaces to bring wholeness, spirals to remind me of evolution's movement, snakes, dragons and wavy branches that speak of the organic, curving way to travel through space, the muted colors of the sunrise sky and clouds, of grass and leaves, birds and feathers that speak high truth, old bones that reveal the core of matter, and ancient rocks from across the world that bring all places into me so earth is Home. I remind myself of the sacred, in every way, and still some days, I forget to just BE it. I forget that the objects in my home look to me as their next incarnation, their hope for the future, their path back to God.