Sunday, September 7, 2008

McCain and Palin, An Astrologer's View
Sarah Palin, by Neil Grossman
Whether you speak "astrologese" or not, this article has some interesting insights about the hidden dynamics behind the election. I'll put the "meat" in italics. . .

John McCain's surprise selection of Governor Sarah Palin as the Republican Party's Vice Presidential candidate
does not seem likely to work out well for him. He named Palin as his running mate at 12:28 pm on August 29, 2008 in Dayton, Ohio (I know, because I was listening to the event on the radio), a moment in which the ill-omened South Node was in exact conjunction with the Midheaven. By all accounts, Palin had been selected at least in part because she is a woman, and at the moment of McCain's announcement, the Moon was appropriately elevated at 22 degrees of Leo; however, the Moon was also in exact opposition to Neptune, suggesting that something about this woman is not as it appears to be.

Moreover, Palin is about to experience what will likely be the most powerful Neptune transit of her life. She was born on February 11, 1964 (I have not as of this writing been able to ascertain her birthtime), with the Sun, Mars and Saturn forming a triple conjunction running from 22 degrees to 25 degrees of Aquarius, an area through which Neptune is about to pass.

Transiting Neptune in the chart of a public figure is likely to manifest as a scandal or at least an unpleasant revelation. In fact, according to news reports, Ms. Palin is already under investigation in connection with her demotion of an Alaska state official named Monegan, allegedly because he refused to fire Palin's former brother-in-law, who is involved in a child custody dispute with Palin's sister. Mr. Monegan was moved from his position as Commissioner of Public Safety (Saturn/ Mars/Sun) to a new job at — where else? — the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (Neptune).

It is not difficult to see why Ms. Palin appeals to McCain. Her Saturn-Mars-Sun conjunction connotes a drive to fulfill one's duty, a configuration naturally appealing both to political conservatives and to a military man. But this conjunction lies in independent and rebellious Aquarius, and is thus entirely consonant with McCain's reputation (whether it is deserved or not) as the conservative maverick of the Senate. Indeed, the press reports that Ms. Palin is known in Alaska as a reformer (Aquarius) who made her name (Sun) by fighting corruption (Mars) and by working to make local politicians play by the rules (Saturn). In this regard, McCain and Palin really do seem like kindred spirits, each of whom also embodies the qualities of the Saturn-Uranus opposition that will become exact on Election Day.

On a more personal level, Palin's Jupiter at 16 of Aries is in conjunction with McCain's descendant,
making her seem to him like an encouraging partner. This Jupiter also trines his natal Jupiter at 15 of Sagittarius and his natal Mars at 12 of Leo. Undoubtedly, the two are able to work well together and to feed off each other's enthusiasm and ideals. Moreover, depending on the time of day at which she was born, her Moon is either in late Capricorn — in which case it would be in conjunction with McCain's own late Capricorn Moon, indicating that these two have a fundamental ability to feel at home with one another — or else in early Aquarius, further strengthening Palin's reformist credentials.

But transiting Neptune, currently retrograde, sits on Palin's natal Sun and turns direct two days before the Election. By March of 2009, it will have moved over Palin's entire Sun-Mars-Saturn conjunction.
It is hard to avoid the conclusion that by that time, if not earlier, perhaps as a result of the inevitably increased scrutiny of her record her nomination will bring, we will have learned something unpleasant about her that we don't yet know, and that will make her appear somehow crooked or fake. Win or lose the election, McCain is likely to regret his vice presidential pick.