Thursday, October 2, 2008

How to Return to Our "Preferred State"
I, along with most everyone else I know, have been affected by the disturbing, accelerating waves of high energy rolling through the energy world, affecting the physical world. Last Friday, Sep 26 through Tuesday Sep 30, there was a doozy! It shook the foundations of our security, personally and societally. I experienced a huge miscommunication and people bailing out of plans because emotional issues surfaced that they didn't want to have to feel. There seemed to be no way to talk through it, to resolve the impasse. I just had to sit with the swirling pain and discomfort, and try to clear the part of the subconscious block that existed in me. My body felt severely contracted, and my heart was racing with fear. Outside on the street, a man started screaming at the top of his lungs: "Shut that damned dog! Fuck you people! FUCK America!" And he went on and on, escalating in his rage. So much fear surfacing — everywhere right now.

I tried to release my contracted state and raise my vibration by centering in my body, breathing, and thinking of my poor little body as being the victim of my mind's and emotion's reactive, negative responses. My poor body was being jacked into an unnatural hyper-negative, adrenaline-loaded state. So I did what I could to take the pressure off it. I patted it, and comforted it. I gave it oxygen and some calm movement, and sat in the peaceful sunshine, looking at the trees and birds, which weren't at all disturbed by politics or finances or miscommunications. Then I remembered the Angels, and I invited them very intentionally into my house and into my personal energy field. I experienced them as standing quietly in various spots around the house, just opening and closing their white wings, spreading calmness and a kind of neutrality that fostered my own ability to feel who I really am. Very patient, totally generous.

I asked the Angels to pass through my energy field. To do that, I knew I needed to make myself very porous. I relaxed deeply, pictured my energy and body being just a floating mass of particles with lots of space between them. Then the angelic presence, which seemed to be like a white mist, began to penetrate and flow through me, like a diaphanous silk cloud. The feeling was so incredibly calming and soothing. And it returned me quickly to an experience of myself as a spiritual being, whose experience of life is untroubled and unfailingly warm.

It took a little time to do this, but it created a great result. I could now see that I was floating in a sea of chaotic energy — the collective panic that was surfacing societally — but it was really just on the surface. Dropping through that surface contraction, I was instantly back in the calm sea of spiritual unity, of the state where everything is actually WORKING FINE. In this focus, there are no problems, just movements into greater experiences of growth and evolution. There is an elegant cooperation among all beings. The surface distinctions of Democrat, Republican, terrorist, peacemaker, etc. don't exist. It's always there — and you can return to it quickly. A funk doesn't have to last as long as it used to. . .