Friday, August 31, 2007

I am passing along a message that came through my intuition network, from a colleague, PMH Atwater, which you may find interesting. She says, >>In the Sept. 3rd issue of Newsweek is an article called "Era of the Super Cruncher," and it refers to "the end of intuition." They say, "An explosion of computing power gives companies powerful new tools." Law professor Ian Ayres, at Yale, talks about this new trend that will shape our economy for years to come — "the replacement of expertise and intuition by objective, data-based decision making, made possible by a virtually inexhaustible supply of inexpensive information." This is huge. I know because I've already been affected by it.

This spring, when my latest book was offered to bookstores — with an incredible cover (the best I've ever had) and a gangbusters title (I thought) — my publishers gave it to the super crunchers at Barnes & Noble and Borders first. These people did their crunching, and reported back. The cover was old hat, people were no longer attracted to things that looked "spiritual." The title was wrong, it would not entice anyone. Then they made a recommendation based on their data as to what kind of cover would sell and what type of title would catch on. Let me tell you it was painful to change, but, in the long-run (after much prayer), I went with the cruncher's cover and title. To see the cover they came up with, check out the home page on my website at Their title is:"The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences: The Ultimate Guide to What Happens When We Die."

Now, everyone I've shown the cover and title to loves it. And so did They have already sold 2,000 copies, and the book isn't due out until October 19th! We'll see after that, but, at least for now, and in the business world, that super crunching, I must admit, works.

I am reminded that on January 25, 2008, Pluto makes its initial entry into Capricorn. During the many years it was in Sagittarius, religious and spiritual and mystical and intuitive issues flourished. So did gambling, identity theft, long-distance travel, higher learning, sports, the power of the sun and global warming, and anything to do with animals. All of these are typical Sagittarian issues.

You always feel the movement of the "heavy" planets about six months before they change signs. That means, we are already being faced with "colorations" and trends that associate with Capricorn. Capricorn says quit fooling around in netherworlds, fantasy, gambling, taking chances, and with stuff like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, with religious beliefs and spiritual longings, and get down to business. Like, who pays the bills? when? and, how much? Capricorns are drawn to business, places of business, chambers of commerce, service employees, the economy, farms and farming, the government, government officials, land owners, mines and their products, politicians, real estate, mortgages, banks, interest rates, money, time and timekeepers, discipline, and on and on. It's like Harry Truman yelling, "The buck stops here." And the advent of super-crunchers fits exactly into this new and growing "forcefield" of agents and individuals who are now stopping, taking a deep breath, and readying themselves for "payment time," as, not only is the bill due for our mutual excesses, but a new and different way of living, more in accord with sustainability and energy conservation, is now at hand — and needed.

On September 2nd Saturn rolls into the sign of Virgo, another Earth sign like Capricorn (well, sorta like Capricorn). Saturn is the disciplinarian, that quality in life that says "wake up, get real, and be honest with yourself. It's time to be more practical, down-to-earth, and reliable." Phew! See what's coming, and what's virtually here? For those of you involved in business pursuits, now is the time to redesign what you are offering, and maybe find a way to combine intuition with super-crunching. Both are valuable, and we need them both.<<

To me this is very thought-provoking. We certainly need to come down to earth, to bring our visions into reality. We also need to be in our bodies more, rather than in the logical structures of thought that the intellect, science, and computers call home. I see intuition as continuing to be extremely important if we are to survive with our highest humanity intact.