Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pleasure Without a Cause
Here is something I said to a client in a reading this week, that I think I needed to hear myself. Perhaps it will be of use to you, as well. We were talking about his being more successful in his career, being able to put out the kind of energy that attracts the money he's worth. I said, "Entitlement is a function of centeredness. It's a function, really, of — gravity. When you occupy yourself fully you are naturally magnetic and what you need in order to express yourself next will just show up, simultaneously with the idea of what you're going to do next. As long as you stay in yourself, and don't vacate with your mind, don't split your mind, just stay in it, what you need and WANT will simply arise.

"To fully be yourself, stay in the real center-place where things are pooling. Natural entitlement comes out of the pooling energy of the Self, which naturally pools when you rest. It pools and then it expresses again. Like a fountain. You don't have to make an effort at expressing yourself, you just have to bring your mind into the pool, into the resting, and that collecting of Self feels like pleasure. It's the simple pleasure you knew when you were a child and were 'full of yourself' and had lots of energy, felt goofy and playful.

"Trust the pooling. It will fill you up with motive and bring ideas. And the more centered you remain, the more you will become visible, and the more you will become a creator that expresses originality, which will attract other people who are interested in that, who want to learn that, and who will value your talents. So you'll just sort of snow-ball into an expanded life.
Focus on the feeling of 'Pleasure without a cause.'"

Photo copyright by Penney Peirce 2007