Monday, August 6, 2007

Remembering Our Roots in Space
Here's a movie recommendation, one that will help you remember many things you know at a deep, visceral level — if you watch it with the innocence with which it was made. It's called THE LAST MIMZY, and stars Joely Richardson and Timothy Hutton along with 2 perfectly cast kids who follow their intuition without fear, to discover pathways into the inner realms of energy and consciousness. The special effects are marvelous, building off Tibetan mandalas and crop circles, and though many may criticize the film as shallow, I loved it. I suppose what touched me were the representations in the special effects of the mechanics of the "toys" from outer space, discovered by the children on a beach. The film wove in the idea of paying attention to dreams, the subtle inner senses, and the unifying power of heart. I remember walking outside the theatre after I saw Close Encounters for the first time, and looking up at the early evening sky glowing turquoise and Prussian blue, and feeling SO connected to the sky and space and what was behind space. I felt the same after this sweet little movie. As I flipped back to the TV, and ran around the channels, I was appalled at the drivel we watch, the out and out stupidity and primitiveness in the programs that program and hypnotize our minds. I realized that nothing — silence — was more satisfying.