Sunday, September 2, 2007

The End of Intuition — Ha!
Thinking about the super-crunchers and their prediction about the end of intuition, I found this that my friend and author Doug Boyd (Rolling Thunder) wrote once:
"Without the use of intuition, conscious or otherwise, we’d all be stuck with the rational mind which, left on its own, would atrophy pretty rapidly. Therefore, fortunately, none of us has a choice about that. It is with the intuitive mind that we learn anything and everything. The rational mind is incapable of learning anything. That’s not what it’s for. As with any computer, it deals only with its content. It is only the intuitive mind that can see all the pieces. It is only the intuitive mind that can put the puzzle together. Both these minds (or parts of mind, if you prefer) are tools of the Higher Self. The Higher Self, with its constant unconditional love (sometimes called submissive love), allows the personality the gradual unfolding of all aspects of mind with infinite patience. . . . By the grace of intuition I can now delegate the articulating capacity of my rational mind to speak of its own limitations. I appreciate this arrangement."