Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Surfacing Feminine

This is a song sung to the young men who are about to enter their initiation in the Tzutujil Mayan tradition. I am feeling the rising the the Great Feminine, and thought I'd share this. It has great power and beauty in its directly described imagery.

You lords of this earth
You ladies of this earth
We the eight hundred shimmering
The eight hundred flashing
Come at your feet
Come at your branches
Desiring the company of
Your first sunlight
Your first dawnlight
As he our flower, our sprout
On the branches of this the trunk of
The village, the complete gathering
Is held alive by the same
Ancestral root
Who yesterday and the day before, and then today
We came searching, shimmering
We came desiring, flashing,
In the presence of all our mutual
Ancestors, to hold him in our branches flowering
So that he may become cooked and ripe
So that he may become the carrier
The sacrificer
The bringer of Her
The maker of the house of the holy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Change Your Frequency and Life Changes, Too!

A reader recently wrote and shared the following story. She is particularly articulate about the insights she received, and I thought it might relate to what many of you are also experiencing right now.

Just wanted to let you know I still haven't put down your book. I honestly can't remember a book that has impacted me this much. Maybe when I first started listening to Abraham-Hicks or learning about Human Design, but this is taking me to a whole new level. There is something about the experience of reading it (could it be the "Frequency"?!) that has caused a shift in my consciousness on a cellular level. Very powerful!

I wanted to share an experience I'm going through where your book has helped me experience a shift in my perception so I could see the underlying principle at work. When I did the meditations for finding my Home Frequency you asked us to picture our worst possible scenario as if nothing would ever go the way I wanted it to again. I pictured myself stuck in the job I've had for the last five years that squelches and stifles me.

Then I shifted to my Home Frequency—where, everything would go better than I possibly could've asked for. I've managed to anchor into the Home Frequency and live my life from that vibration pretty constantly for the last several months, since completing the exercise. Of course, external events have caused me to react, but I found that I can always remember that I am in charge and shift back into my Home Frequency and live in the present moment. I've really enjoyed this power to choose! (I've always known it was in my power to choose, but now I have the experience.)

Then something unexpected happened that knocked me completely off the path. I witnessed and reported an act of abuse toward one of the people I support where I work, at an agency that supports adults with developmental disabilities. I did the exact 'right' thing in this situation and had the purest of intentions. BUT the situation got all turned around and the abuser blamed me for committing the act of abuse and calculated a whole plot against me, which the agency believed and it led them to terminate me. Well, this situation had me outraged! The part that was the most uncomfortable was that I was silenced. I had no voice or opportunity to defend myself. I felt powerless and allowed myself to get sucked into a spiral of rage and fury! Until today. :-)

Today I remembered the exercise from Frequency and what it felt like to be in my Home Frequency. It then hit me like an instant download that my Higher Self had arranged all of this for me! Living from my Home Frequency these last few months left no space for my old job— the vibes just didn't fit. So the Universe and my Higher Self went to extreme lengths to get me out of there. And that's when I realized just how powerful I am. As soon as I began to vibrate at a level that was above that of my job, and shifted into living from my Home Frequency, the job (very dramatically!) left my experience. And by worrying about it and trying to get those involved to see it my way, I was just holding on to something that I've been wanting to let go of for a long time. Pretty awesome realization if you ask me!

I figure that the reason I was holding on was that without a job, my old frequency does not know how it will have money or resources. But my Home Frequency is resourceful beyond measure and the particles are now rearranging themselves in the form of delightful surprises for me. :-) So I wanted to share this with you. I thought you'd enjoy hearing specifically how your book has impacted me. Thanks for writing it!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stabilizing Your New Frequency

So many of us right now are focusing on stabilizing ourselves into a new, higher frequency of awareness, and of life itself. Instead of succumbing to negativity and victimhood, we're saying NO, unplugging from those low-vibration thoughts and feelings, and instead, CHOOSING to feel the way we like to feel, in spite of what the so-called "outside world" (which isn't really out there, it's part of us) is doing. No one and nothing can make us feel bad unless we agree to it. We're seeing that it's excitement and enthusiasm, not anxiety, that we truly want. We're feeling that we want to be more, and do more, of what comes from our most-real self.

So the more we stabilize and saturate our bodies, emotions, and minds with the new higher frequency of a soul-based reality, the more awareness we have of subtle things, and the more energy we have—and it's not that jagged, jittery kind of energy, it's smooth, cheerful, and enthusiastic. It is out of that renewed energy that our new imagination comes. Before we settle into the higher frequency, we can't "figure out" what we want. Our imagination is coming from the old, low vibration, and old pictures of the way it used to be. As soon as your frequency shifts, you can see more of what's possible, and you get excited about it. Now you can reinvent yourself by dreaming up a fun, new life.

As long as you trace the old habit paths, it's more difficult to shift to the new experience of the energy-based world. Our new reality is not motivated by having security and "stuff," but on feeling different—on being in your home frequency state—more and more of the time. The appropriate forms now emerge from the feeling.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Refrigerator Note #3

I can be aware of 2 opposites at once.

Radio Interview May 14, 6pm PT

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An Intuition Exercise


Be on the alert for intuitive information coming to you through your outer and inner senses of sight, hearing, and touch.

1. Make a decision based on the way something “looks” to you. Does the situation have alot of light on it? Does it have the right “color”? Does it have a pleasing design?

2. Make a decision based on the way something “sounds” to you. Does the situation sound screechy, shrill, melodious, quiet, hollow, or harmonious?

3. Make a decision based on the way something “feels” to you. Does the situation feel smooth, rough, sharp, soft, cold, hot, slippery, or sticky?

As you receive the impressions, notice whether the perception makes you expand, feel good, or lean toward the option or if it makes you feel contracted, heavy, and pull away from the option. You can trust your body.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Benefits of Active Intuition #2

With intuition:
• you’ll learn to slow down, be present, and pay attention to the amazingly wise process of your experience
• you’ll develop a positive, life-enhancing attitude
• your natural talents will be revealed
• you’ll become more alert and aware of detail, nuance
• you won’t waste time and energy on inappropriate thoughts and actions
• you’ll find and stay in touch with your life purpose and lessons
• you’ll be better able to understand your spiritual path
• your creativity and imagination will increase
• you’ll experience more grace, synchronicity, good luck––even miracles
• you’ll manifest your dreams in less time than ever before
• you’ll have more confidence and personal power

Zelda Wisdom

While I was in Portland, I met Carol Gardner, a truly amazing and inspiring woman. She and her bulldog, Zelda, have created a real success story. Her website is clever and you might want to sign up for her daily "Zelda Wisdom" pithy statements, accompanied by Zelda dressed in far-out outfits, which, I hear, she absolutely LOVES! We all need something silly and warm-hearted these days.

At the age of 52, Carol Gardner was facing a divorce that left her with a huge debt, no job, no income, and depressed. Her divorce attorney gave her some advice: “Get a therapist, or get a dog.” Gardner chose the latter and bought a four-month-old English bulldog she named Zelda. They were both underdogs looking for a big dose of unconditional love.

A friend who knew of Carol’s financial plight told her about an annual Christmas card contest that a local pet store was sponsoring. The winner would receive forty pounds of free dog food every month for a year. Carol used her background as a creative director in advertising to combine the visual of Zelda along with verbal wit and wisdom.

With the Christmas theme in mind, Carol borrowed a Santa hat from a neighbor, filled the bathtub with bubble bath and lowered Zelda into the tub. With the hat on her head and a beard made from the bubbles, Zelda was the perfect Santa imposter. Carol snapped the photo and sent it off to the store with the one-liner: “For Christmas I got a dog for my husband... good trade, huh?” Six weeks later Zelda and Carol won the contest. She remembers asking Zelda how many ways she knew to fix dog chow!

Carol sent the prize-winning image out as holiday cards to all of her friends. The overwhelming response sparked the creation of Zelda Wisdom and a few years later, the attention of Hallmark. The unique international greeting card, gift, clothing, jewelry and book line offers wisdom such as “Life is tough...wear a helmet.” “ could be worse!” “Enjoy life...this is not a rehearsal.” “Go pulls the wrinkles down.”

Zelda, whose measurements are 32-32-32, allows us to laugh at ourselves and to recognize that things could be worse. “At the core of Zelda Wisdom is humor and healing,” says Gardner. “She always makes me laugh. Zelda and I started out as underdogs, but we are proof that you don’t have to be thin, rich, young or wrinkle-free to be successful. More importantly, you don’t have to be perfect.”

Charles Gibson of Good Morning America calls Zelda “the industry’s top dog!…a supermodel that has it all!” Tough but tender, sweet but strong, Zelda has attitude. Zelda Wisdom allows us to laugh at ourselves and helps us realize that in life’s ups and down, we are never alone. There is a Zelda in all of us!

Zelda is the official "spokesdog" of Delta Society Pet Partners®, an international program dedicated to the human-animal healing bond. She's a certified therapy dog and works with children who have learning disabilities. Zelda's one-liners keep them laughing while they learn to read and write.

Friday, May 8, 2009

May 8 Issue of Intuitive Way eNews is Out!

You can read the latest issue of my intuition and energy newsletter, which is published twice a month, at

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Benefits of Active Intuition #1

• With intuition, we know what we need to know, right when we need to know it.

• When you look at the world intuitively, the question and the answer always exist together and arise in the same instant. You’re driving down the road and for no reason you think, “I wonder how my friend Nancy is doing? I haven’t talked to her for ages.” When you get home, she’s left a message on your phone machine. Did the thought occur to you because she called?

• Intuition cuts through the normal limitations of time and space. Our consciousness can know the past and future as if they were now. Or we can be in other locations as if they were here. All knowledge is available!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Impatient with the World

Today I received this note from a client and friend. I think part of what he's been feeling is related to the idea that many of us are rapidly shifting into the new "energy world"—what I call The Intuition Age in my book, Frequency. The new world is instantaneous, and so much smoother, that when we dip back into the "old" reality, it can seem downright antiquated and stupid! Here's our exchange:

I've been spending more time than usual in meditation and a rather unsettling offshoot is that I am more aware of the 'unawareness' of the way our culture spends its time on 'hollow' pursuits. I've never felt this level of impatience and disgruntlement — I seldom feel pissed off at the world, but I am right now. Any ideas for reflection would be greatly appreciated.

I certainly know what you're experiencing! My first thoughts are: fall into your home frequency, your soul's truest vibration, where you attune to the unified field and the consciousness inside the Presence. Be with it, let it be with you, let it be in everyone and everything in spite of people's unconsciousness. You being conscious is the only thing that counts in your reality. You make your whole reality conscious by bringing it inside your consciousness. At one level the unconscious people ARE aware. I believe everyone wants to be aware, in spite of fears that being aware will kill their ego, which they erroneously identify as their whole self. The important thing now is to collapse the illusion of separation between your inner/individual and outer/collective self. There's nothing outside of you that's bigger or more powerful than you, nothing that can deprive you of the experience you want to have. Just use your imagination to create it.

Frequency Quotes

Visit my Facebook Wall to read the 38 — so far — quotes I've posted from Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration.

Refrigerator Note #2

I can be irritated or I can choose to be amused.

Refrigerator Note #1

If it's hard to do, do it once.