Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Change Your Frequency and Life Changes, Too!

A reader recently wrote and shared the following story. She is particularly articulate about the insights she received, and I thought it might relate to what many of you are also experiencing right now.

Just wanted to let you know I still haven't put down your book. I honestly can't remember a book that has impacted me this much. Maybe when I first started listening to Abraham-Hicks or learning about Human Design, but this is taking me to a whole new level. There is something about the experience of reading it (could it be the "Frequency"?!) that has caused a shift in my consciousness on a cellular level. Very powerful!

I wanted to share an experience I'm going through where your book has helped me experience a shift in my perception so I could see the underlying principle at work. When I did the meditations for finding my Home Frequency you asked us to picture our worst possible scenario as if nothing would ever go the way I wanted it to again. I pictured myself stuck in the job I've had for the last five years that squelches and stifles me.

Then I shifted to my Home Frequency—where, everything would go better than I possibly could've asked for. I've managed to anchor into the Home Frequency and live my life from that vibration pretty constantly for the last several months, since completing the exercise. Of course, external events have caused me to react, but I found that I can always remember that I am in charge and shift back into my Home Frequency and live in the present moment. I've really enjoyed this power to choose! (I've always known it was in my power to choose, but now I have the experience.)

Then something unexpected happened that knocked me completely off the path. I witnessed and reported an act of abuse toward one of the people I support where I work, at an agency that supports adults with developmental disabilities. I did the exact 'right' thing in this situation and had the purest of intentions. BUT the situation got all turned around and the abuser blamed me for committing the act of abuse and calculated a whole plot against me, which the agency believed and it led them to terminate me. Well, this situation had me outraged! The part that was the most uncomfortable was that I was silenced. I had no voice or opportunity to defend myself. I felt powerless and allowed myself to get sucked into a spiral of rage and fury! Until today. :-)

Today I remembered the exercise from Frequency and what it felt like to be in my Home Frequency. It then hit me like an instant download that my Higher Self had arranged all of this for me! Living from my Home Frequency these last few months left no space for my old job— the vibes just didn't fit. So the Universe and my Higher Self went to extreme lengths to get me out of there. And that's when I realized just how powerful I am. As soon as I began to vibrate at a level that was above that of my job, and shifted into living from my Home Frequency, the job (very dramatically!) left my experience. And by worrying about it and trying to get those involved to see it my way, I was just holding on to something that I've been wanting to let go of for a long time. Pretty awesome realization if you ask me!

I figure that the reason I was holding on was that without a job, my old frequency does not know how it will have money or resources. But my Home Frequency is resourceful beyond measure and the particles are now rearranging themselves in the form of delightful surprises for me. :-) So I wanted to share this with you. I thought you'd enjoy hearing specifically how your book has impacted me. Thanks for writing it!