Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Impatient with the World

Today I received this note from a client and friend. I think part of what he's been feeling is related to the idea that many of us are rapidly shifting into the new "energy world"—what I call The Intuition Age in my book, Frequency. The new world is instantaneous, and so much smoother, that when we dip back into the "old" reality, it can seem downright antiquated and stupid! Here's our exchange:

I've been spending more time than usual in meditation and a rather unsettling offshoot is that I am more aware of the 'unawareness' of the way our culture spends its time on 'hollow' pursuits. I've never felt this level of impatience and disgruntlement — I seldom feel pissed off at the world, but I am right now. Any ideas for reflection would be greatly appreciated.

I certainly know what you're experiencing! My first thoughts are: fall into your home frequency, your soul's truest vibration, where you attune to the unified field and the consciousness inside the Presence. Be with it, let it be with you, let it be in everyone and everything in spite of people's unconsciousness. You being conscious is the only thing that counts in your reality. You make your whole reality conscious by bringing it inside your consciousness. At one level the unconscious people ARE aware. I believe everyone wants to be aware, in spite of fears that being aware will kill their ego, which they erroneously identify as their whole self. The important thing now is to collapse the illusion of separation between your inner/individual and outer/collective self. There's nothing outside of you that's bigger or more powerful than you, nothing that can deprive you of the experience you want to have. Just use your imagination to create it.