Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Surfacing Feminine

This is a song sung to the young men who are about to enter their initiation in the Tzutujil Mayan tradition. I am feeling the rising the the Great Feminine, and thought I'd share this. It has great power and beauty in its directly described imagery.

You lords of this earth
You ladies of this earth
We the eight hundred shimmering
The eight hundred flashing
Come at your feet
Come at your branches
Desiring the company of
Your first sunlight
Your first dawnlight
As he our flower, our sprout
On the branches of this the trunk of
The village, the complete gathering
Is held alive by the same
Ancestral root
Who yesterday and the day before, and then today
We came searching, shimmering
We came desiring, flashing,
In the presence of all our mutual
Ancestors, to hold him in our branches flowering
So that he may become cooked and ripe
So that he may become the carrier
The sacrificer
The bringer of Her
The maker of the house of the holy.