Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stabilizing Your New Frequency

So many of us right now are focusing on stabilizing ourselves into a new, higher frequency of awareness, and of life itself. Instead of succumbing to negativity and victimhood, we're saying NO, unplugging from those low-vibration thoughts and feelings, and instead, CHOOSING to feel the way we like to feel, in spite of what the so-called "outside world" (which isn't really out there, it's part of us) is doing. No one and nothing can make us feel bad unless we agree to it. We're seeing that it's excitement and enthusiasm, not anxiety, that we truly want. We're feeling that we want to be more, and do more, of what comes from our most-real self.

So the more we stabilize and saturate our bodies, emotions, and minds with the new higher frequency of a soul-based reality, the more awareness we have of subtle things, and the more energy we have—and it's not that jagged, jittery kind of energy, it's smooth, cheerful, and enthusiastic. It is out of that renewed energy that our new imagination comes. Before we settle into the higher frequency, we can't "figure out" what we want. Our imagination is coming from the old, low vibration, and old pictures of the way it used to be. As soon as your frequency shifts, you can see more of what's possible, and you get excited about it. Now you can reinvent yourself by dreaming up a fun, new life.

As long as you trace the old habit paths, it's more difficult to shift to the new experience of the energy-based world. Our new reality is not motivated by having security and "stuff," but on feeling different—on being in your home frequency state—more and more of the time. The appropriate forms now emerge from the feeling.