Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NEGATIVITY PART 3: Scary vs. Hopeful Predictions

A conversation recently cropped up in our Intuition Network group, about what we intuitives were seeing concerning the future. To me, this is always a tricky proposition, because results can be skewed so easily by:

1) the seer's need for recognition,

2) the seer's bias toward negative drama, things going wrong, "noble sacrifice," or Armageddonish prophecies being fulfilled,

3) the seer's bias toward needing and wanting things to work out positively or even magically, without us having to do the deep work to change ourselves internally or face a painful transition,

4) the tendency to see things as either-or, black-white, and good-bad rather than to understand the naturally contracting-expanding nature of life and energy flow,

5) the tendency to miss the fact that certain parts of the world and certain people will experience "downs" as others are simultaneously experiencing "ups" in the wave of transformation; and then the flow will change, involving other groups in the up and down, and so on, so that nothing universal is ever happening to everyone at the same time, except for the increasing frequency of our reality.

So much is being written now about the devastating effects of 2012, and people seem to want to be titillated by the fear. I attempted to neutralize a bit of that in a recent blog post, but it seems people like to "put on the buzz" and wallow around in anxiety. It reminds me of a scene from the film, Crimes of the Heart, where Sissy Spacek's character Babe says she routinely takes down her physician father's book on skin diseases from an upper shelf in the library and makes herself look at the photos of skin cancer as a sort of penance. Perhaps we like to scare ourselves with something fictitious rather than deal with difficult realities at hand?

One of our Intuition Network members, Dale Sellers, wrote this: "I've worked with a small team to intuitively track what is coming in the next few years. Some of what we've uncovered is inspirational and empowering, and some is sad and frightening. From what I understand, the future is all probabilities so it's nice to know nothing is cut into stone. Even scientists are now saying there are potentially infinite multiple universes. Anyway, some of what we've been picking up in the US relates to massive food shortages. We are getting scenes of high security food factories, where veggies are thrown over the walls to massive crowds of starving people. We've also seen movements where mass numbers of people experience spiritual/psychic ascension, making it more a part of our culture."

I wrote back: "One of the things I've seen for a long time is a drought where food production zones become dysfunctional, and farming shifts farther north (in the northern hemisphere). Meantime, there are water shortages, food shortages, necessitating the engineering of food/water transport systems globally, to move available resources around quickly. It may be that companies like soft drink manufacturers go into the water transport business. Also, the hybridized crops won't tolerate the heat, and there will be a lot of focus on better seeds and new farming methods. I also see a suicide epidemic. And possibly as an extension of that, more of the type of thing where people kill others and then themselves. And, I see much more volcanic activity."

John Petersen, founder of The Arlington Institute, a group of futurists, has a section on his website dedicated to the worlds biggest problems. The problems have two criteria—they must be global and have the potential to rapidly escalate into severe crises. I invite you to study the information on his site, as it is well-researched. Here are the 5 main issues they currently list:
  • Economic Collapse: Fragilities in the current global economy could tip the developed world into conditions not seen since the 1920s.
  • Peak Oil: Petroleum has powered the modern world for almost 100 years; today, many industry insiders say the we may be reaching a permanent peak in oil production.
  • Global Water Crisis: Over the last 50 years the human population has nearly tripled, while industrial pollution, unsustainable agriculture, and poor civic planning have decreased the overall water supply.
  • Species Extinction: Certain species that human beings depend upon for our food supply are going extinct; if their numbers fall too low we may face extinction ourselves.
  • Rapid Climate Change: While the debate rages on about the causes of climate change, global warming is an empirical fact. The problem is both a curse and blessing, in that people from different cultures will either have to work together or face mutual destruction.
I think it's important when looking for images of realities to come, to see the physical view, which may indeed hold a variety of tragedies, catastrophes, and drastic changes. It's also important to understand that physical reality is an experience cocreated by billions of souls and minds, as well as cosmic forces, and that at the heart of all change—especially the sort of transformation we are currently beginning to embrace—there is a natural law operating. It's called Evolution, or the return to Spirit. We have "in-volved" ourselves down into a slow-frequency experience called "life on earth," or what we might call the "particle-based reality" where separation is the name of the game. We are now "e-volving" back up in frequency, out to the wave-based, space-based reality of unity. It is spiritual change that underlies physical change.

We need to address the physical problems to come, yes, but we also need to critically address our knowledge of ourselves as Spirit first. We need to bring our spiritual awareness all the way into matter, saturating this world until there is no difference between realms, until we don't prefer or resist any of the dimensions.

So, when looking for prophecy and prediction, I think it's important to understand that enlightened realities will increase rapidly, CAUSING cataclysmic changes wherever there is resistance to the Flow of the greater energy frequency. For awhile, both the expansive, enlightened realities and the contracted, fear-based realities will increase together. Then the high-frequency, more enlightened realities will gain momentum as resistance gives way. Evolution back to Spirit will always win, because it's the larger Truth.

We can look at the ways the physical world may malfunction to possibly reduce the damage and increase the chance for more people to experience the enlightened realities, but it's important not to get stuck in the dire dramas, nor to avoid them and stick totally to the sweetness and light, hope-filled view.