Thursday, October 8, 2009

Intuitive Way Newsletters

The latest issue of my Intuitive Way eNews is just out. You can access it, and the previous issue from September 15, at

Here are the the mini-editorials from both issues; I write about what I sense is happening just below the surface of our awareness:

Sep 15
In recent weeks I've experienced an increase in snagged movement: interviews falling through the cracks, clients missing appointments, my car's battery dead followed by the clutch failing the same day, and the next day, the dishwasher breaking. Through it all I've been somewhat surprised by the way I've been acting. It's as though my observer part is watching to see how I do in these "tests."

I seem to be saturating with and convincing my body about the teachings from Frequency; Stay in the present moment. Notice what my Inner Perceiver is noticing and what is showing up in my reality. Asking why? What do I need to know? What do I feel like doing that brings me pleasure? How do I stay in my Home Frequency and let life do what it's doing?

So, I found myself enjoying my conversations with the various mechanics, and getting great service. Finding that there were reasons an appointment was missed twice: a key action had to take place before I could talk to the client convincingly about her main issue. Over and over, I found that validating the reality of trust, and the power of "being-with" life attentively and lovingly, brought smooth movement. I wasn't stopping the flow; I was being enriched and entertained by it, no matter the shape of things.

I could sense that the wave of energy affecting the world had "bunched up" as it began penetrating the physical and emotional realms. I noticed the intensity of agitation & hatred that emerged in politics, and the number of people who were unreachable, isolated in their own realities as they "handled" what was surfacing in their lives and awareness. Now, though, it feels that the wave has moved through the denseness and is beginning to release out the other side and carry us on to new views.

Oct 8
In the last newsletter I wrote about staying in the flow and not voting on whether experiences were "good" or "bad." I find this theme continuing. I've mentioned that this year has been one big intensification of the energy on the planet, and thus, in our bodies and lives. I now see many people getting with the concept of releasing the clutter of soul-blocking thinking and old habits, and intentionally wanting to raise their frequency.

Often the method for achieving this is slightly unconscious at first, surprising or tricking the mind. A turn of events might look "negative," but the overall effect is to free the Flow through the body, emotions, and mind. In the last month, for the first time in my whole career, I've had 3 clients who either became nauseous during their reading, or immediately afterward. One went home and threw up all night. As "bad" as this sounds, I sense what was really happening was that the soul was intent on moving the personality forward, through old heavy family programming, and in a couple cases, through some brutally violent childhood experiences.

How does this work? Perhaps it has something to do with "I can't stomach this old pain anymore," with the organism wanting to rid itself immediately of an unhealthy, toxic energy pattern. I find we often act out physically the shifting of consciousness, to make the change really real to our subconscious and body. Sometimes we create a physical turning point, a marker, as an excuse to change. It might be an accident, or illness, or dramatic event. Now you can say, "See, I'm different—BECAUSE I'm now on the other side of. . .

One of the clients who became nauseous said, "My boss said I was probably releasing toxins...(but in spite of the nausea) I definitely felt very peaceful on my drive home." She reported that the other client, her friend, "was overwhelmed by the reading (not in a negative way). She said she probably only picked up on 10% of what you said. She was going to go back and listen to the tape. I already noticed a tremendous attitudinal change in two areas of her life...pretty amazing, actually."

What's fascinating to me is that I am seeing people operating FROM THEIR SOUL and yet not quite aware of it yet. They are doing whatever's necessary to get clear, and often as fast as they can, even if that means some discomfort or even big changes in their relationships, job, or living situation. I am tremendously moved by this; it's courage at it's best, the human spirit at its best.