Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NEGATIVITY PART 2: Psychic Attack?

Here is a recent email exchange that points out a few more aspects of dealing with negativity.

My friend A writes: D has a question for you. He's getting reports from all of his sensitive friends that they feel like they're under some kind of an attack. He says two expert healers he knows have been crying for no reason and feeling totally disoriented or blocked.

PP: Haven't heard about this; it might be that they're empathically tuning in to some upcoming suffering on the planet, but I tend to not go into ideas about psychic attack. Instead I feel that the energy intensifications this year are coming faster now, in waves and spurts and sudden floods. When that happens, we either accept the flow and try to quickly match its frequency so we can go with it and it doesn't bother us at all, or we resist it and try to maintain an old, familiar reality. Then it can really disrupt us by shaking things up, like flood waters roiling behind a dam.

The energy wave tends to roto-rooter out anything in its way — basically, physical, emotional, and mental contractions and holding patterns, which could be chronic pain, fear beliefs, old unconscious "overlays" from others, or inflexible ideas like fixed world views. It's not at all uncommon to experience dislodged emotion like an unexplained crying jag, or to hit snags and confusion, disillusionment, and disorientation. The old patterns aren't working anymore and when you try to make them work, they fall apart, or have no meaning.

To interpret something as a psychic attack shows something about what's going on in a person's subconscious mind:
1) They think they're important enough in their positivity to draw attention from negative beings.
2) They believe unconsciously that there's a "fight" between light and dark.
3) They believe they can be punished for being good, or for being themselves.
4) They believe they're basically separate from the outer world; that the outside world is bigger and more powerful than they are; that it can be inimical to them.
5) They believe the dark is more powerful than the light.
6) They may have placed a value on martyrdom and self-sacrifice.
I think it's possible for people who do not experience the fullness of their own self to be "possessed" — perhaps "dominated" or "hounded" is a better way to say it — by discarnate beings who themselves are caught in a lack of sense of self. Of course, people IN bodies become dominators and victims to each other as well. If you don't occupy your own space fully, other people come and push on you, perhaps to get a rise out of you, to see where you actually are. Or, people who want the outside world to behave the way they've decided it should be, who want others to agree with their world view and try to control everyone around them, will sense the lack of presence in others and immediately flow into the space and occupy it FOR the other person. That's when you feel you're living in someone else's reality instead of your own. That's when you hear the advice: "Get a life!"

When you occupy yourself fully, use your own imagination to create scenarios that are fun and creative for YOU, you won't experience domination, possession, or undue influence from others. There are times when we force ourselves to stop, get quiet, and listen more deeply (the "voice" or knowing of the soul is always in the silence). I think it's partly why I got sick last week — I had to STOP and rest and go inside more. To contact the energy directly. Couldn't sleep either; in the middle of the night, there's less resistance to the flow; it's so quiet. I noticed I wasn't stressed, I was just buzzing and "pumping light." I got up and just stood in the energy. I began to actually SEE the light in the dark. It was wild!

A: Ah, so much of this disruption is the flotsam and jetsam that comes up when you're learning how to allow the higher frequency to be your default ("home")!

PP: You got it!