Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Time of Change: Not Just in Our Imaginations

An astrologer's newletter I subscribe to, Astroflash by Jacqueline Lasahn, just sent the following note. I've noticed that the times seem to be affecting so many people, as well as politics, by making us feel that we need to shed our old "skin" like a snake does, and move on into a new life where our destiny awaits. I tend to think this is part of the natural evolutionary process on earth, that it's just the right time for the shift. But it's always interesting to be reminded that that are specific factors affecting us on subtle energetic levels. In this case, we are experiencing an opposition of Saturn and Uranus, the forces of tradition and revolutionary change. An opposition is 180-degree relationship which, of course, creates struggle, conflict, and the need to shift the tension in the direction of evolution (rather than backsliding to the past). I wrote about this earlier in this blog, but here's Jacqueline's reminder (I've edited slightly for readability):

We are at a threshold of new social, religious and cultural order. The threshold is a process that lasts about 2 years. The changes are at once swift as well as frustratingly slow. The crises we face awaken us to broaden our perspective of the collective, the larger whole of which each of us is a part. The themes: reassessment, coming to terms with responsibility and commitment, the roles we assume in our relationships, social and professional lives. Evolving maturity, seeking resolution. Bright ideas, innovation, technology. Contradiction. Laughter. New creative force. Lightening in the dark. Conflict and struggle. Revolution.

The last time the Saturn - Uranus cycle occurred was 1964-1967. Major transformations of social order and customs occurred: the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Johnson won the presidential election by a landslide,. protests against the Vietnam War, The Beatles first tour of the USA, widespread experimentation with mind-altering substances, "the sexual revolution." That just skims the surface! Our allies now are the willingness to change, innovation, practicality, resourcefulness, and compassion. Breakthrough to what's new!