Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Need for Dramatic Change Agents for Seemingly Big Change

One of my colleagues wrote this: ". . .there is a lot of VERY BIG negativity out there that needs to be counterbalanced. There is also the possibility that negative events are required as part of a "cleansing" process that makes sense only in retrospect (and from a much higher perspective of how things work), but increasing the frequency of the system always helps."

I wrote back: "We do hold a collective subterranean belief that big change means big pain. So it seems "normal" to us that a giant October Surprise would be necessary. But in this 'new paradigm' world, all it takes is a shift back to the soul's reality, the heart reality, and the energy is drained from the fear reality. It takes repetitive doing but soon, I find, the body believes you, and your reality stabilizes. If we had a growing # of people doing this and reinforcing each other in the habit, it'd be a much less painful transformation. . ."