Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Remove the Veils

This is a piece I wrote a few years ago, contemplating the true power of intimate relationships, not only with one person, but with many. The Voice is my Inner Perceiver or Spirit Voice.

"Remove the veils and chunks in yourselves. And don’t think they mean anything; they are only in the way of true meaning. Be the space of yourselves; feel. Feel into the subtle distinctions, and even those go in time. The outer is disguise; the closer you get, you fall into the Welcome. This skill is primary. Then you remember movements. Align yourselves to matching spirals, move energy-forms up down in out, whatever is called for. These moving things are your kin. The words and images move into form, your praises and prayers move out. You will learn to move yourselves together to commune with Us. 

"You will go where the old trees grow, for they are your kin, friends, and teachers. You will go where the sun shows the four directions, where the birds fly over in their well-worn paths. They are kin. And you will stay in contact with the rhythms of moon, seasons, storms. Now, you will erase old habits, rediscover love, remember what you know together. First, reverence to what the other brings out in you, the gifts given by the other to further the growth of You, and reverence to the differences and similarities that enjoy dancing together spontaneously in perfect balances and imbalances. Then, reverence at how you belong to what’s Greater, to an Us that seems so familiar when you find it. You are grinning as you remember the path! 

"Then, more. Be patient, it is all enfolded in your very natures, like the oak in the acorn. When you are We, we will do the works, and it will be like swooping and diving and rising on drafts of warm air. We crave this. Have been waiting. Unanticipated discoveries coming. Surprise amazes with its joy. No other purpose. Now, just be thankful; it sets the tone. Inside, only cooperation."

copyright by Penney Peirce 2010; Angus Landscape Sky by Ken Bushe