Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Frequency Intensive Training: Oct 3-8, Lenox, MA

Please join us for fall color and an intensive focus on personal vibration, intuition development, and energy dynamics!

Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration
Weeklong Immersion Training
Oct 3-8, Kripalu Center, Lenox, MA • 866-200-5203 • $375

Explore the leading edge concepts from Penney's best-seller, FREQUENCY. Learn the 9 stages in the transformation process and how to succeed in the new "energy reality." Master the dynamics of energy, time, and intuition and unblock the Flow so you can easily synchronize with your destiny. 

1. Access intuition at will and accurately interpret "energy information."
2. Discriminate and control your personal vibration and "home frequency." 
3. Clear yourself of negative vibrations, and keep your energy high and fluid.
4. Improve relationships using resonance and "frequency-matching."
5. Learn to shift conflict and inner contractions to energy flow.
6. Materialize and dematerialize conditions in your life that you want or don't want.
7. Understand the new dynamics of time, where everything is contained in the present moment. 
8. Understand the nine stages of the Transformation Process.
9. Clear mental and emotional clutter that blocks the flow of the Soul.
10. Develop a trusting relationship with your "Inner Perceiver" to understand hidden messages and guidance.
11. Understand your "inner blueprint" and how changing at an energetic level can rapidly shift your reality.
12. Expand and improve your "conscious sensitivity" and ability to "feel into" things, and know empathically.
13. Sense how your life will shift into "destiny mode"—what might you be doing? How will you feel?