Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Recipe for Peaceful Living

I've culled a variety of notes into this summary. Hope you and your friends find it useful! Love, Penney Peirce

Inner peace is not static and passive!

1. BE IN THE CENTER: Bring your attention into the present moment, and inside your body. Know your body as a kind of awareness, receiving energy information via sensitivity from the field around you. Let your mind and heart/soul and body encompass one another, and merge into one unified awareness in each moment you notice.

2. EXPAND YOUR PRESENT MOMENT TO INCLUDE PAST AND FUTURE: Let go of planning and reminiscing. Don't let your left brain project into worry, other people's realities, or other locations and times. Feel yourself as a large ball of awareness that can expand and contract, as though it's breathing, and as you expand, you know more about your higher vibrational life, your potential, your destiny, and how you fit with the collective. As you contract, you focus on materializing things and making life personal.

3. MONITOR AND CHOOSE YOUR VIBRATIONAL STATE: Identify your home frequency—the feeling of your soul expressing through your personality and body. Keep your attention on the way this feels, and on qualities like curiosity, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, sincerity, innocence, pleasure, and lovableness. Choose to return to this state of feeling and being whenever you inadvertently shift into lower frequency states like self-sacrifice, frustration, or fear.

4. NOTICE WHAT YOUR INNER PERCEIVER IS CAUSING YOU TO NOTICE: Check in and wake up often while you're centered in each moment. What is your deep self showing you? What do you already know about each situation that occurs? What do you really want to do next that will keep you in tune with your home frequency? What's "right" about each situation? How is everything helping you evolve?

5. USE AND DIGEST WHAT YOU'VE ALREADY BEEN GIVEN: What you have now in your life is what you already created from the vibrational state you've been radiating. Life has patterned itself this way to please you. Use it as a resource—to learn from, to build on, to dive into and experience more deeply. Get the full benefit. Once you can understand why you have what you have, and use it for growth, service, and celebration, the next just-right ideas can flow into you and make themselves known, and you can decide to shift your frequency to a new level if you want.

6. ENGAGE WITH WHAT COMES: As you notice what's most real and interesting to you, engage consciously with the idea or action. Whether the new thing comes as an idea inside your mind, or as an event or person in the "outside" world, it's all coming from your soul and filtering through the vibration of your personal energy field. Nothing occurs by accident. What you need is provided. Cultivate trust in this principle.

7. IDENTIFY AND DISSOLVE CONTRACTIONS AND HOLDING PATTERNS: Wherever you feel tension—a dull lack of awareness and energy, or a hyperactive obsessive quality of awareness and energy—there is a misperceived idea and probably a matching emotional state that interferes with your calm, joyful, soul creativity pouring through you unimpeded. Root these out, give them space to talk to you, let your heart/soul wisdom reframe the original wounding situation, and replace the contraction with soft flowing energy. Create freedom for yourself by giving yourself spaciousness. Detoxify.

8. FOLLOW THE FLOW: Sometimes the Flow brings you stuff, sometimes space. Sometimes you move, sometimes you're still and silent. The Flow knows!! It is the collective wisdom of all souls and forms of life. Sometimes what's indicated is that you let go and let the Flow move you without knowing what's happening exactly. Other times the Flow indicates it's time to make a choice, take an action, invoke a result. The Flow always oscillates; stay with the whole wave. Stay in the moment and choose what's choosing you! Remember: The Creation Process moves from Being, to Doing, to Having, to Being again.

9. STRETCH YOURSELF: When you think of it, stretch a little beyond your comfort zone, vary your routine, take up more space in the world. See what fills up the space. To help do this, visualize more light in your body and aura, or run more physical energy, or more love, or 50% more enthusiasm and positive attitude. Breathe more deeply.

10. CONNECT WITH THE UNIFIED FIELD AS A LOVING CONSCIOUSNESS: Feel how there are no real boundaries, skins, barriers, endings. One energy runs through everything. It's easy to know in this Field because everything you need to know comes into the moment with you. Feel how friendly, cooperative, and cocreative the Field is. Feel how provision is natural; whatever you need will come to you, whatever others need, you will think to give.

11. KEEP YOUR HEART SOFT AND SWEET: There is no purpose anymore for the hard heart and the sacrifice of soul expression. Only the soft and sweet heart can access truth and wisdom, visions for the high-frequency life, and the mechanism for helping others receive what they need. By keeping your heart soft and sweet you understand the real power of blessing yourself, others, and the planet. Link your heart to the network of all hearts through all time.

copyright by Penney Peirce 2010