Monday, September 7, 2009

Tennessee Frequency Group Report #3

I'm passing along the progress reports from a small group of women who having been meeting to work with the material from Frequency on a weekly basis. The first posting is on July 5. The second is on August 24.

Dear Penney,
We continue with our Wednesday gatherings and extraordinary experiences. This past week during our "baseline" elevator meditation, Ieshia experienced astral travel with a young male guide. Her husband is in PA, and she visited him, his family, her family, and a friend. It was visibly obvious she was "tripping" and she was so hot I turned on the ceiling fan to cool her. After the Diamond Light meditation we took a pie break — to ground her.

I do know that Ieshia has been somewhat cautious of other dimensions, though she is intuitive and tuned in to them. The safety of Frequency and her own home frequency, where she finds comfort experiencing the multidimensional is beneficial. Sharing it with like-minded, on-the-same-page friends in our gatherings is a blessing that cannot be measured, I'm sure, as I speak for her, here.

I find that I am less open to multidimensional contact on my home frequency. Without invitation I do not "receive" other frequencies as much as I was before. This is a blessing, as I get on with what I want to create and manifest in my life today. I have been offered an opportunity to utilize my abilities in this area doing readings in a metaphysical shop that I was "instructed" to approach. This honors and directs the multidimensional energies, I feel.

I have new energy for "old projects": a book of short stories now with a publisher; a screenplay from 1990 I'm polishing for John Templeton Foundation's call for "uplifting, spiritual" scripts; research on a project I've toyed with for three years, now putting notes in files, etc. and planning to write it for a state of Nevada Screenwriting Competition, deadline next spring.

On the more mundane, I took a job that promised $20 for each set appointment for a home improvement company. First paycheck, I was paid for those that resulted in an appointment, but not each one set. I might have misunderstood in the excitement of being hired—but my husband was hired and trained the same day. He heard at both instances just what I did: $20 for each set appointment. I called for a meeting with my superior—she was "so sorry you misunderstood." I told her I was too because I was interviewing for another job at the same time. So I had to walk away from it. I quit.

I am resolved to stop supporting the acceptance of lying. It doesn't allow me to remain in my home frequency to be a codependent to falsehood. Though Lying has become acceptable in our society (I fear). I have had this experience before with an employer's not-quite-the-truth to get me into a job. My sister, a nurse in Chattanooga, TN, had this happen to her two years ago.

Anyway, my home frequency is Truth as I see and feel it. Now, when anything comes up, I check in to be sure I am "there" and see what my answers and actions will be. It is Awesome!

Thanks again,