Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom

I intersected with a colleague of mine, who I hadn't seen in years, at the Shamanism Conference in San Rafael some weeks ago—Roweena Pattee Kryder, who lives in New Mexico now. She is an amazing renaissance woman, like a cross between Bucky Fuller, Galileo, Georgia O'Keeffe, Sacajawea, and Queen Hatshepsut. She did a fabulous presentation, weaving together many strands: quantum physics and consciousness, the divine feminine, astrology, the chakra system, Buddhism, art, and more.

I find I learn now from subtle interesting ways that people phrase ideas, from small juxtapositions, and surprising combinations of words. So I found myself taking quite a few notes during her talk. Here are some of the thought-provoking things she communicated, quite casually, I might add, as she spoke:

• You experience conflict because you don't see the connections.
• Release opens receptivity.
• Paradox is wisdom.
• Creativity, symbols, and archetypes unite the inner and outer worlds.
• Energy becomes space (due to radiance).
• What do we do with the gift of Life? Expand it through creativity.
• Hey! Loosen up your marbles!!
• The World Soul is a realm.
• We're living the end of the split between subjectivity and objectivity.
• The imaginal realm bridges us between the physical and spiritual; here we KNOW consciousness can change reality. Here there is no growth or decay; it's not transient.
• Fear, aggression, and lust are signs of separation; it's a soulless view.
• When we speak, it's important now to fill our language with words that describe Qualities, not Quantities because this is the language of the heart.
• We need to develop the capacity for "compassionate witnessing" and spontaneous clear perception.
• "Sourcing" means seeing spiritually.
• The unconscious needs to be more conscious.
• Everything is created within itself.
• The aura is pure light and is totally restorative.
• All present moments are simultaneous.
Each one of these short phrases deserves contemplation and "feeling into". . .

Image: Roweena Kryder's Siberian Shaman's Drum