Thursday, September 24, 2009

Answering Questions

I wonder if you can explain something from your book. Towards the end of Chapter 4 there's the paragraph about free will and no force being able to prevent someone from being their full self if they want it...just before the Jeff Rennicke quote. I can't figure out how will power works against that. If you want something shouldn't the wave/force not stand in the way?

I think back to the great Rolling Stones quote about not always getting what you want, but sometimes discovering that you're getting just what you need. I think there's a difference between the mind wanting something and the soul intending something. Sometimes the mind and soul match up, but it's often true that when fear influences our desires—for example, I want to be rich so I don't have to experience old buried feelings of lack of self worth—the mind can strive toward something that is not the best solution for our personal evolution. The mind may exert will power to "try" to "make things happen" the way it thinks they "should."

The soul, on the other hand, may want us to experience and understand the connection between thinking about lack and creating lack. And once that's understood, there's a new revelation about how thinking about and appreciating what we already have can lead to us "having" more, without the willful striving. We see that being rich is not the goal—or the solution to lack of self worth—but that we can create wealth if it's fun for us and useful for us. So what I mean by "being our full self" has a lot to do with the realization of our innate freedom, and ability to imagine any reality into existence. If, however, there are old limiting fixed beliefs in the way of the Flow—what I call "clutter"—these will have to be cleared first. Because the limiting belief (I can't have very much because I'm not worth it) is the first set of instructions and it counteracts the new desire (I want much more than I have now).

In other words, the Flow/the Wave is always moving us in the direction of our evolution. If the mind counters that, the Flow will be blocked or stalled temporarily 'til we get with the program.

Also wanted to ask how being in the moment and not projecting into the future gels with the law of attraction, where you are asked to picture the thing you want.

The Law of Attraction, if we don't understand it well, can lead us to assume we're "attracting" what we want from outside ourselves, from a place that is separate from our present reality, either through time or space. And then, inadvertently, we use will power to achieve our intended results. What I'm trying to clarify in Frequency is that all realities exist as potentials, at different frequencies, within you RIGHT NOW. By placing attention on an idea in your imagination, and seeing that as in your present moment, then keeping your attention on the idea and imagining it with sense impressions, still keeping it in your present moment, then imagining it as physical and solid so your body becomes convinced it's real, the thing you're creating will suddenly show up as a physical thing, or a "real" situation, still in your present moment.

When you see everything as already in your present moment, will power and force are not required. All that's necessary is to validate the reality of cooperation: the unified field cooperates within itself, meaning that others help you attain the realities that will help you learn and create what you want to learn and create. Then your experience becomes one of great joy and love of both giving AND receiving. I think this is what the Law of Attraction tries to say, but in my opinion it isn't phrased clearly enough. And today, we want to get rid of the idea of separation and linear cause-and-effect functioning as much as possible—because it's slowing down our transformation process.