Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tennessee Frequency Group Report #1


My name is Susan and we want to share our experiences from our weekly Frequency Book Gathering in Tennessee. There are six of us. We have read Frequency at least once and studied it independently. Ieshia wanted to facilitate reading and paraphrasing the first two chapters. She led us in your meditation "Realms of Number Vibrations," page 43. I will share my experiences.

The Glass Elevator
It was difficult to not "ordain" #3 as this is a key number in my life experience and numerology. However, #3 held no charge. #6 did, but it was #9 that opened right up to me and I emerged into the Violet Flame. There was a man, John, at this level who was always at the I AM facility at Mt. Shasta when I frequented the area during the Harmonic Convergence around 1987 and 1988. He was a sweet little man with abundant white hair who wore suit pants, a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and dress shoes. I encountered him eight of my nine visits, and he shared the library with me. Back then, I decided I liked the abilities St. Germain had developed, but wasn't sure about the Being himself.

So at level #9, in the meditation, John greeted me and stated that I "had a problem" with St. Germain. I agreed. Though he didn't say anything, I intuited that if I wanted adept, masterful qualities then I had to release judgment of the material personification — St. Germain — of them. John led me into the violet flame and I stood there being "washed." Then he offered to accompany me to level #6 where I could sojourn longer. #6 turned out to be a bucolic countryside, with emerald grass, crystalline tumbling brooks, birdsong, and wildflowers abundant in color and fragrance. It was a Heaven on Earth that I realized I wanted to materialize in my life. John offered to assist me in the realization. I looked at this benign man with snow white hair and wondered: Are you St. Germain in a physical form I can accept — unthreatened? End of meditation. I realize since then that I have had a big shift in trust and acceptance, and have moved more from yang to yin.

Meeting #2: At the next meeting we had two new people and wanted to all be on the same page, so Ieshia led us in the number meditation again. This time no number "grabbed" me, so I started from #2 (got sand and a dead tree desert), next, #3 (found I was under the sea, with lovely colors, fish, sea horses, sounds, and pleasant feeling on skin but no thanks), next! I jumped to #6 as it had begun to resonate: I entered my Paradise which was halcyon hills and fields as before. Hanging between two trees was a lovely creamy linen/flax hammock with crocheted lace edging. I went right to it and laid down. Immediately it morphed into a cocoon and enclosed me. I felt very comfortable. Then, a huge butterfly emerged from the cocoon. I was the butterfly and also standing on a pathway. The figure of a woman in an elegant medieval dress came toward me, who I recognized as Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. She opened welcoming arms and I ran into them. Enfolded, I felt a whoosh of emotional release and began to weep. She said, "It's all right, now. I'm here. I'll help you all the ways I can." I felt grateful and cherished, comfortable in this incredible woman's loving embrace. End of meditation.

As we all discussed our experiences, one of the new people said hers was "just about feelings." But, of course, we're working on Chapter 3: Becoming Aware of Your Feeling Habits, so she felt validated and happy to be there, when we reminded her of that. Patsy's experiences were of joyous freedom; mine about ending judgments, trust and transformation; Leshia's of not being afraid of opening to new experiences and trusting herself and her intuition.

We all thank you very much. We love the book and the sharing, opening experiences it has catalyzed for us, singly and in group.

Meeting #3: Wow! What a week. All the "stuff" in chapters 2 and 3 was in our face. Lots of issues related to giving away our power to "drama queens," if you know what I mean. It was life imitating your book :-) Actually fun, huh? We had a great discussion on transparency, guided by your end of chapter insights. Patsy has been working on that. As a Reiki master, she knows it's best to be clear so nothing from anyone else can get stuck in you, or stick you up! We ended with sending waves of the good we wished outward — to our town, our state, to the US, to the planet, to the universe. That felt Really Good!

Thank you again for your inspiration and your book,