Monday, July 13, 2009

Letter about 2009 from Michael Brown

A friend just introduced me to the work of Michael Brown, from South Africa. We are definitely on the same wavelength, and he has developed something called The Presence Process, while I wrote a book called The Present Moment. His website is I have excerpted part of a long letter he wrote about what 2009 would be like, and I feel a strong parallel with his intuitions.

"If we have not been in tune with our individual experience, and using what we receive from within it as our point of reference – it is likely our perception of the collective experience throughout 2008 has appeared chaotic, confusing, and filled with fearful possibility. However, if we have trusted our personal experience to be our truth, that it is in all its unfolding exactly what is required, and used it as a compass to navigate by, then the collective happenings of 2008 would have embraced as expected, anticipated, and filled with murmurings of potential and possibility. It is however more important that we now really focus on grounding ourselves into where we are. We are going to require ‘steadfastness’ in 2009.

The momentum of 2008 was largely about repositioning of our experience against the supposedly better judgment of onlookers. Those operating around us in a fear frequency would have urged us to stay our course – mainly because they are afraid to shift theirs. As we enter 2009, we may still be operating from a point of view that thinks we can ‘one day change our course’ or ‘reposition ourselves at some later stage’ or ‘start doing things differently when it really counts’. If this is our current mentality – then it is also true that this is what we have been thinking or telling ourselves for years now. Be warned, procrastination is a mentality that in 2009 proves perilous. More than ever, 2009 operates within the frequency of, ‘now or never’.

Through a kind of 'shock experience', the world’s collective delusionary state is to become suddenly and blatantly transparent! To start awakening to our First Level of Perceptual Blindness and Deafness, we simply ask ourselves this question: "What is the difference between ‘a need’, ‘a want’, and ‘a requirement’?" All belief is a state of hypnosis. The only hope for humanity right now is that there are enough self-trained alchemists willing to open themselves up completely to feel and contain these escalating vibrational impulses. There are clearly no longer enough Indigenous Elders to accomplish this on our behalf.

2009 is time for us to 'grow up' and take our place at the table of planetary guardianship. So, expect the entire year to be so full of activity – individually and collectively - that it becomes literally impossible to ‘think’ or ‘plan’ anything. This year is actively, through ongoing vibrational impulses, moving us toward required transformation. The key to this transformation is mastering the seeming conflict of opposites – or integration of opposing forces. Failure to integrate these seemingly opposing forces will for many not mean ‘transformation’ – but instead ‘transitioning’. As a ‘rapid’ makes or breaks a canoeist, this year makes or breaks us individually or collectively.

Key words for 2009: Activity / Busyness / Vibrational / Completion / Transition / Transformation / End / Relating / Relationships / Integration / Conflict / Peace / Intimacy / Mastering / Rapid

A key recommendation for successfully navigating 2009 is: To deliberately and consistently install moments of quietness, stillness, and emptiness into our ‘daily now’. In 2009 'Later' is non-existent. Expect sudden and massive 'endings'. What ends in 2009 are all the outer structures we have unconsciously manifest out of our unintegrated emotional states. In 2009, more than in any other period of our life experience, we are to be aware of 'any story told in anger'. Any behavior emanating from it shall be regretable.

It is important for us to realize that these increasing vibrational impulses are not manifesting 'to grant us what we want'. All our 'wants' stem from fear, anger, and grief – not from love. Living in 'an unlimited universe' does not mean we can have whatever we want. It means in each moment we receive whatever we require to integrate the emotional condition currently obscuring the actuality of our vibrational identity from us.

These exponentially increasing vibrational impulses are not here to prop up false paradises built in a world whose gods have become anything or anyone that satisfies our unconscious want for 'getting'. They are here to liberate us of this hallucination so we may once again feed upon the nutrition we require. Those left functioning in a state of physical, mental, emotional, and vibrational well-being after the next 12 months shall be those who are able to consciously contain the emotional impulses now being triggered by the exponentially increasing vibrational frequencies.

Get a hobby! If you do not have a hobby, start one. If you have one – cherish it. Because, in 2009, if we do not have the capacity to 'potter about seemingly meaninglessly' – we will definitely be drawn into the dramas of others. A simple hobby gives one an outer point of focus while the inner quietly and consistently practices the art of watching the story and containing the felt-vibrations. In 2009, a hobby that appears outwardly as meaningless to others may well be the most profoundly efficient spiritual practice available to us.