Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 21: It Couldn't Hurt. . .

I received this from a friend. I never quite feel the power of these sorts of group alignments as they are happening, but often do notice a shift some time later. I'm not sure the spiritual dimension actually needs us to do this at a scheduled hour, but perhaps as people's intentions align around a certain time period, resonance allows for telepathic transfer of knowing. If you feel called to meditate or pray on Tuesday, July 21, at 7pm or anytime. . . Why not?

"A most important day for spiritual effort and prayer occurs on Tuesday, July 21st, 2009. At this time, humanity will be offered enlightened information to promote science, culture, civilization, and avoidance of worsening weather patterns. Some people call these bursts of higher order information 'downloads.' Should humankind receive and use the information, progress on earth will be swift, great suffering will be avoided, and the brightest immediate future will be secured. On an individual level, the greatest progress toward ascension (transformation) will be achieved.

If there is only one day that you can offer prayer this year, only one occasion when you will sit in meditation with like-minded others to create blessings for earth and all its inhabitants, avail yourself of this opportunity. Some will receive directly the offered information, but as many people as possible are needed to hold the level of human consciousness high enough to receive, and productively use, the information that will be imparted. Your mind, your effort could make the difference. Those who offer such service will find themselves greatly rewarded as new bursts of personal growth will follow."