Saturday, April 25, 2009

The New Energy Reality

I'm in Seattle and enjoying myself at the humble and lovely Watertown Hotel, talking to a wonderful bunch of people at various bookstores. It's heartening—isn't that a great word?—that so many people are stirring and asking questions, suspecting that a profound change is coming, or even that we're in the midst of it. I see repeatedly how people have a handful of puzzle pieces and I am able to provide many more, so that the picture starts to come into focus and an excitement about possibilities replaces the anxiety of wondering what's happening. We need so badly to shift from worrying that what's happening is going to ruin us, into a deep relaxation that comes from having some techniques to navigate the rough waters and get to the beautiful calm lake. Forgive the water metaphors! I flew in over Puget Sound on a crystal clear morning yesterday, and what an amazing paradise with the snow-capped mountains in the distance!

It's all too easy to picture a negative future, especially since we're in the part of the transformation process where we're tired of resisting the profound changes, and are giving up the fight, surrendering to just being with things as they are (without getting hopeless), and the old institutions and security-providing ways of thinking aren't working. In fact, they're crumbling to dust, and hanging onto them is becoming almost laughable. But it means we're surrounded by a sea of consciousness that's steeped in ideas of "failure," "uselessness," and "
obsolescence." And that means it's challenging to see through that drama—that's always been so seductive—to not feed it with our attention, to not fight the old reality, but to simply collapse the reality we don't want into the heartfield of the present moment, to let ourselves saturate with that "home frequency" presence, then recreate the world to the best of our imaginations.

I was listening to Bruce Coburn, to "The Last Night of the World," and he sings: I learned as a child not to trust in my body; I've carried that burden through my life; but there's a day when we all have to be pried loose." This is that time. And it's so exciting! The new world, the new reality, the new energy-based life we are entering is going to be so amazing and joy-based. I enjoyed Karen Bishop's last "Wings"—she always echoes what I'm getting intuitively about what's going on under the surface. She says, ". . .it can feel very uncomfortable being in the lower vibrating energies of the old world. The old world is now very much an illusion, and thus, many still residing there can appear zombielike, going through motions without passion or caring, like puppets or manikins living in energies that no longer exist."

In future blog posts, I intend to begin describing the new frequency-reality, so you can jumpstart your new consciousness.