Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Can We Actually Lose Energy?

Several friends have recently been commenting about feeling drained, of losing energy from going out to social events, or from certain foods, or from the negativity in the news. Here is something I wrote to one friend . . .

See if you can get past the idea that you lose energy or don't have it. When your mind stops paying attention to the energy that's in you, you feel "absence." When the mind pays attention to the energy within, you feel "presence." Ask yourself why your mind is in the habit of talking about what you don't have. To reverse it, you don't have to use will power; just sink in, drop in, relax into what's already there waiting for you. You don't have to GET more energy. Just experience what's there. The cells vibrating, the nerves, the aliveness of your whole self.

Also, we have habits of stopping our own flow at certain points. This is where you say I can't, I don't, etc. and jump away from feeling what IS. Why do you stop your own flow at: "I don't have energy"? Or, whatever the various statements are, like: "I don't have enough money," or "I don't feel good." If you said instead, "I have plenty of energy," where would it want to flow next? Perhaps into something you don't want to face, but which would free you to be more of yourself? Might it want to direct you into a level of self expression that might be greater than you're used to? Let the energy that's there have somewhere to go next. Let it tell YOU where it wants to go, without you telling yourself "I'm too tired to do this."

I think we are in a bad habit of "co-miserating" with each other, of finding bonds and commonality through our suffering and pain. This leads us to talk about what isn't, what we don't feel, what we don't have, what we can't do, what we aren't. This sort of self-talk only stops the flow of soul-force and intuition. So, we might practice a new habit: of noticing the energy that's already in our body, the energy that's always pouring out of the tiny white holes of our core particles. There's always enough to do whatever we can think of to do. We wouldn't be able to think of it if it weren't somehow possible to create as a reality. In fact, in the new energy reality that's emerging, we will be SO aware of the universality of the sea of energy we live in that feeling drained will be some sort of ancient joke: "Hey! Remember when people used to feel like they had no energy?!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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