Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Moving Beyond the Electronic Vibration

I was talking with a friend the other night over dinner, about how we both were feeling shallow and somewhat blocked from too much electronic stimulation, how we were tending to medicate ourselves from overstimulation by the computer, with an overstimulation by television and DVD. She said that the electronic vibration is connected to DOING, and she was feeling a great need for BEING. Me, too. I've been craving digging up the dirt in my garden, getting it ready for spring planting. I've wanted to smell earthy smells.

She sent me an excerpt from Stephen Levine's book, Acknowledging the Beloved. In BEING, we find an experience of the Beloved. Levine says, "Kabir, the great God-drunken poet, whispers that the Beloved is 'the breath inside the breath.' That your heart, like the sun, is always shining. But like the sun, or the heart, any passing shadow can obscure its warmth. All it takes is a slow cloud or an uninvited thought to block its reception. Just as the sun effortlessly shines, so we need do nothing to create the Beloved. The Beloved simply is. IN fact, in its exploration—at the center of that indescribable feeling of simply being, is isness—the Beloved is discovered spontaneously, self-effulgent, the presence within the presence. To meet the Beloved we need gently to let go of that which is unloved, judged, concocted from old impressions and old mind clingings. To let it all be healed into the innate vastness which lies just beyond our acquired conditioning."