Friday, January 23, 2009

The Importance of Being Grounded

A friend forwarded me a newsletter, ironically from someone named Grant (see my previous post!). Christina Grant talks about the need for being grounded these days. It's an important thing to be reminded of, as I find myself caught in a WIND of information and mental tasks. Yes, I do them with my body, but when I feel pressured, it's so easy to gloss over the physical pleasure of doing a "real" mundane thing as my mind quickly ticks it off my To-Do List and moves to the next thing. Here are a few of Christina's tips:

"An ungrounded person has a fuzzy energy field. Their energy drifts like a balloon disconnected from a child's hand, a bit lost and forlorn. Just the act of bringing a person into a state of groundedness can shift their entire perception of life from one of negativity to one of hope and optimism.

If you are right now in a state of ungroundedness, you are not in your own power. In other words, the essence you came to this earth with is not fully able to function in your life.

In a state of ungroundedness you can be more easily influenced by others, the life you live might not feel wholly your own, you might experience injuries and accidents, feel anxiety, panic, irritability, foggy thinking, and be a compulsive overeater.

You might have been given many opportunities to learn how to keep yourself grounded in the form of falling. Literally, falling to the ground. Plunk! An unexpected, sudden grounding, followed usually be a swollen ankle, bruised knee, sore behind, or sprained wrist."

Here are some tips Christina gives about how to be grounded:
1. Breathe with awareness
2. Wear earth-colored clothing
3. Sit in nature
4. Watch the sun rise or set
5. Place your feet or hands on the earth
6. Be aware of what is in this moment
7. Visualize yourself rooted into the earth

I love this artist: "Madrone and Manzanita" by Aaron Johnson