Friday, January 16, 2009

Happiness is Viral

I found a little article that started: NETWORK YOUR WAY TO HAPPINESS! It goes on to say, "It's no surprise we are influenced by the moods of those around us. But now, a study shows that people we don't even know can make us happier." The study, from Harvard Medical School and the University of California-San Diego, says you can be six degrees removed from someone and still catch that person's good karma. Happiness can spread, not just from friend to friend, but to friends of friends of friends.

I am just discovering this myself, as was witnessed by me being drawn in to "finding friends" on Facebook today for more hours than I'd care to admit. Somehow, meeting new people and seeing what so many diverse folks are doing in this very moment, around the country and world, is a startling phenomenon. I find it giving me a sense of comfort about the lovely mundaneness and ongoingness of life, of each person being a valuable facet of the whole, of all of us making up some larger consciousness that is perfectly coordinated. I am thrilled when a friend of a friend links with me. I'm expanding my family. What's striking is the odd sense of intimacy that is gained through the very shallowness of the format.

So, here I am, you all! Come link up!!!