Thursday, August 14, 2008

Response from a Reader about Leading Edges
One reader, Beth, responded to my questions from the last post: "My affirmation of late is to be seen and heard in most situations. It is not about needing respect, it is about holding my own when I get that disconnect in my body that something isn’t right. I have been drawn to studying Elaine in Seinfeld – her “one liners” and her facial expressions. They slip out of her with such ease and humor. Would that my life could be so simple and sweet. This is new behavior and I don’t know what my truth is that quickly and how to say it in the moment. If someone could offer a New Age kind of assertiveness training, I’d take the class so I can practice taking care of myself under 'fire.' Perhaps there are some generic responses that would fit some of the situations that have popped up in my life and I could learn to improvise from there."

I like what Beth says about tuning in to that subtle feeling of disconnection you get in your body when something doesn't feel right. It's right there that we end bullying or the loss of our personal power. Standing in our own clear vibration, not wavering, not necessarily striking back defensively. Waiting a moment to see what the flow, or the field, wants to do next. Letting yourself have that momentary pause before speaking is very helpful. We don't have to be the master of the snappy comeback; much of that is based in a hidden vengeance motivation, which if we're growing spiritually, we want to dissolve out of ourselves.