Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Arlington Institute's Interesting Project
John L. Peterson, in a recent letter, described The Arlington Institute's project to gather intuitive information on a worldwide basis, now in the funding stage. . .

"Our WHETHERmap project is a planned web portal that will collect extraordinary (and ordinary) dreams and intuitions about potential future events in up to 100 languages, cluster the input by general categories based upon the basic meaning of the input (allowing for differences in symbol sets, etc.), and then display the geographic source of the input (and the type of dream, etc.) on a map of the world. WHETHERmap will allow the historical information to be displayed in a morphing function (like the weather on the news at night) and we believe it will give predictive indications of upcoming global and regional events of great, disruptive significance.

WHETHERmap is based upon the fact that starting about 6 months before 9/11 common, everyday people (as well as intuitive) began to have single, profound dreams of things like people jumping out of burning high rise buildings that they knew were extremely important and related to the future. I now know of over 165 case studies of these kinds of dreams.

WHETHERmap will in fact monitor the global collective unconsciousness (or whatever it is) and if the project is successful will prove that humans are connected at a level that science now does not understand and that the whole human system anticipates future perturbations. It will change science in very significant ways."