Saturday, August 9, 2008

Intuition in Complementary and Alternative Medicine
One of my colleagues, Sharon Franquemont, who works at
the Life Science Foundation in MN, shared this news about the expansion of intuition in the area of complementary and alternative medicine. She says:

Here is a portion of a note to Life Science Foundation from Mary Jo Kreitzer, the Director of University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality and Healing. We did a Symposium for health care professionals in 2007 called "Ways of Knowing: Intuition's Role in Health and Healing." (PI stands for Principle Investigators)

"I had an interesting meeting in DC last week at the NIH the PIs/directors of R25 grants at CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) institutions. I am a co-PI with Northwestern Health Sciences University and am on Bastyrs advisory group. Richard Hammerschlag who was at our 2007 WOK is a PI from Oregon. He discussed a course that he has developed with a heavy focus on Ways of Knowing including intuition. He specifically noted the impact of the LSF/CSH event, materials he is using etc. Then yesterday, at the NIH site visit at Bloomington, the local PI in
presenting a model of evidence-informed practice spoke of clinical judgment, including as she noted the importance of intuition like we talked about in Bethesda last week. This is huge and I think reflects the ripple in the pond effect that we aspire to create."

We (Life Science Foundation) will be posting web video versions of 3 presentations from that conference... Dean Radin's Research, Lori Knutson's training and use of intuition at Abbott Northwestern's Institution of Health and Healing, and a panel of three exemplary nurse researchers. Written summary of those presentations can be found on the Proceedings pages at Click on the lotus to get to the WOK Proceedings.