Sunday, March 16, 2008

5 ways to stay in touch with soul
while engaged in any creative process

The soul is not just present as you access your vision, it is present in every step of the creativity or manifesting process. By acting, then checking in with the soul, then acting while you're feeling the soul, you will learn to be mindful in everything you do.

1. As you contemplate beginning a creative process, let yourself spend time gestating or ripening like a fruit on the tree. Don't jump in too soon but stay in touch with the soul's provision and abundance a little longer, then a little longer. This way your vision expands, and the information and energy you need for the rest of the manifesting process will be built into the process.

2. As you step forward into a creative process, begin with actions that have the most juice, that fulfill your curiosity, and engage your attention the most thoroughly. Allow yourself to enjoy the vitality and easy flow experience of the rising, cresting wave.

3. As you act, check in often with the soul. Am I maintaining my sense of pleasure? Am I being entertained? Is my attention fully engaged; am I being mindful? Every moment contains soul, not just the final outcome.

4. Once you have achieved a physical result, do you let yourself have time to totally enjoy the magic of having it? This is spirit in matter, the quality of your attention shaped into form. Can you internalize everything that has happened and the experience of the outcome?

5. After the result has manifested, can you let go and return to the "void" consciousness, the experience of spaciousness and wide-openness—and find pleasure in that too? Can you allow yourself to be bored with the old but not yet be certain of the new? Can you return to the experience of being, rather than doing and having? Can you have faith in your period of lying fallow? The mind, which is focused in three-dimensional reality where things occur by cause and effect, must rest before it can be refilled by the soul.

This material is copyrighted by Penney Peirce, from The Intuitive Way, second edition