Thursday, February 28, 2008

5 affirmations to connect with
soul in yourself, others, and life

Affirmations can keep your awareness aligned with universal principles, which will always return you to knowing and living as the soul.

1. I am connected to an unlimited source of supply. I can freely receive all the ideas and knowledge I need, all the financial support I need, all the opportunities I need, all the help I need, all the love I need.

2. I see and greet the soul in you. What comes from your mouth and through your actions is also coming from my higher mind and relates to me somehow.

3. I experience the Presence in my body, in the air, in the walls, in the trees, in the cars, in the dirt, in the rhythms of my day, in the unfolding of current events, in all the people I meet, and in the unseen ones in other dimensions. Just by noticing, I find the soul in everything.

4. I am naturally cheerful, optimistic, innocent, open, creative, playful, celebratory, sincere, humorous, energetic, and wise. It's easier to smile than to frown.

5. I may not know the answer right now, but some part of me already knows and this part will get through to me at just the right moment. I know what I need to know just when I need to know it.

This material is copyrighted by Penney Peirce, from The Intuitive Way, second edition