Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Passion Is. . .

There is a door to spaciousness and silence and stillness; step through. Don't think about when you'll leave.

In the moment there are no blockages. These are a function of left-brain thinking. If you're processing rather than creating, your left brain is running the show.

Passion only comes when the heart is open and the body, senses, and feeling ability are fully engaged. Passion is engagement without thought of an exit point or strategy. Passion is motivation fueled by the mind aligned with the soul and the lifetime's destiny. It feels so good and easy, even if challenging, so totally absorbing. Passion is purity of focus and non-selfconscious release through talent. So it pays to develop skill and facility.

I want to make squiggles with a big fat calligraphy brush full of thick black ink and my left brain immediately says, "What a waste of expensive ink! It takes years to have the skill to make good squiggles." But a stubborn part of me, perhaps the REAL me, wants to go through the door to the new space, the place I recognize, to explore the mindless sensation not the form.

Abstract Japanese Calligraphy from the Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum