Thursday, May 26, 2011

On Dealing with Attacks

I was rooting around in some old folders and found this piece that I wrote, who knows how long ago, as it was undated. It has a strange power and clarity. Perhaps you will find a few useful nuggets. . .

Who is with me?

The Light is with you, sister.

Feel it and you activate it, then know the truth of it.

How do I get out of this entrapment in conflict?

Cease fighting.
Defending is attacking.

When I experience being attacked what do I do?

See the attacker in his or her fear, pain, and vulnerability.

Watch the attack in slow motion as though a movie.

Make no motion to defend. Just allow.
These are the winds of the physical plane, the human experience; storms arise and dissolve, the earth turns, the sun rises, sets, particles form and fall back into waves and all is drawn back into the changeless one.

I allow attack?

Be unconditionally present. Keep the Light in your eyes; it will see for you.

Do not retract into righteous re-action: indignation, retaliation, revenge, hate.

Do not narrow your eyes, harden your chest, leave your body. When you experience anything in unconditional presence, the other person is left alone with their actions and underlying thoughts. They may try to blame but they will not be able to project.

Won't I be hurt?

What is hurt? You are an eternal universal being! You hurt yourself by separating from the experience of this truth. A fear-generated action aimed at you is about the actor. It passes through you unless you stop it and hold onto it. If you believe you can be hurt, you have forgotten your true nature and must return to it.

Shouldn't I show the other person where they're making the mistake?

If you see a mistake it is in the space of the relating, in all the participants. Do not separate yourself from the others.
Bring the mistake inside your own awareness, your own body, and feel its tight twistedness. Feel how it separates you from the Peace and Smile.
Untwist and relax it in yourself, let the Light take it over and possess it. The Light will teach it. When you are smiling and at peace, look back at the others. Perhaps, magically, they too will have released the twist of their own accord.

Are there some people who are so deeply rooted in pain that they will never find the way out? Will they always resort to attacking?

No one will be lost; it is impossible to be separate from the one.
The small mind is powerless against that which is not oppositional.
The urge to fight exhausts and destroys personal will.
When there is surrender of the need for self-preservation, the Gift of Everything is bestowed and there is no past to remember to hold you to smallness.
You reconstitute into the one. Fighting is then meaningless and nonexistent. It never happened.

Copyright by Penney Peirce Communications, 2011