Friday, May 13, 2011

Healing with Secret Love

Several dear friends of mine, married couples, are dealing with the healing of cancer in one person in their relationship. This is always a test of courage and a challenge to each person to call forth the soul to infuse and dissolve the fear that clings to us, and which we hold partly because our family and our culture value negative drama. When one person materializes the illness, I sense that the other person holds the latent pattern of it, like a negative and its corresponding positive print. The healing of one is the healing of both. It is "fear of something" that has caused the contraction and internal panic in the cells of both people—and the healing is the deep relaxation and return to the true spiritual nature, through and through, in both people. No gaps, no holdouts, no yes-buts, no withholds. There is a sort of total surrender to the love of spirit that is required. A new experience of faith in our true nature.

In one couple, the cancer-manifesting partner recently materialized a car accident which totaled the auto of their partner, but left not a scratch on the cancer-manifesting person. The car was nearly pulverized. And yet, the cancer-manifesting person was protected and released from tragedy. Thinking of the people, I heard: "The car is showing you how much better off you are than it is. It's sending you a message that you are going to heal." In actuality, the car was entirely replaced by the insurance company and new life and capacity for forward movement ensued. I couldn't help but feel that the car, in all its loving consciousness, sacrificed itself to move energy into its people; to give life. More and more lately, I've been experiencing the reality of the life force, and love, that exist inside supposedly inanimate objects. Everything is alive! Everything is full of love.

My friends' "death" of their beloved car reminded me of an experience I had many years ago, when I went out for a hike after a big rainstorm, on Mt. Tamalpais in Mill Valley, CA. It was on a stretch of trail that led through a redwood forest, and it was foggy and the moss was bright green and standing at attention, dripping with moisture, when I came across 3 redwood trees that had fallen during the night. It moved me almost to tears and I wrote the following poem. We never know what sentient beings have given up their lives so that we might receive a burst of vitality and renewal, that we might carry on. Let us never forget to give thanks, even to what we might not be able to identify as the cause of our beneficence.


during the night
while everyone slept
and the downpour flooded our dreams
3 noble redwoods
in a divine triangle
fell all at once
in the rain-soaked woods,
gave up their grip

on this watery earth

crashed away from center

and far away from those
they saved,
now in silent sacrifice

they lie, cradled
in the arms of their friends,

pointing out

copyright by Penney Peirce 2011
Illustration by Sarah Hollander