Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Your Psychic Potential: A Guide to Psychic Development by Dr. Richard Ireland

This newly released book comes to us courtesy of my friend Mark Ireland, son of Dr. Richard Ireland, one of this country's most well-known, and accurate, psychics. This is a compilation of Dr. Ireland's journal writings, never seen before. Dr. Ireland was the teacher of two of my favorite friends and colleagues, trance mediums Kevin Ryerson and Lin David Martin. Mark Ireland has published his own inspiring book, called Soul Shift, which is recommended for anyone wondering about life after death.

Written by preeminent twentieth-century psychic Richard Ireland in 1973, Your Psychic Potential didn’t reach the author’s son, Mark Ireland, until August 2004, twelve years after his father’s passing. Since then, two psychic-mediums with no knowledge of the manuscript have delivered messages to Mark suggesting that his father had deliberately delayed the book’s discovery and was now nudging along its twenty-first century release.

Your Psychic Potential strives to increase readers’ awareness of the subtle spiritual and psychical forces that form a part of the invisible world and yet are constantly weaving themselves in and out of our everyday lives. Anyone interested in discovering their extrasensory talents and achieving some conscious control over them will find this an indispensible guide. The book provides simple methods to aid psychic development, including meditative exercises that promote the natural unfolding of abilities and tools to cope with any fears that may arise along the way; a discussion of the four spheres/levels of psychic activity; an exploration of the relationship between artistic talents and the psychic; tests and experiments that help discover your psychic potential; and a psychic’s diet that supports the freer flow of abilities. Both charming and informative, Your Psychic Potential will appeal to the psychic-curious and to novice and advanced psychic practitioners alike.

Born into rural, depression-era Ohio, Richard Ireland developed his psychic skills at an early age and later became a full-time minister as well as a counselor to such celebrities as Mae West, Amanda Blake, and Glenn Ford. Ireland founded his own interdenominational University of Life church in Phoenix, Arizona, appeared on radio and TV shows, and gave demonstrations everywhere from Las Vegas nightclubs to large venues in Los Angeles, New York, and London. He died in 1992.