Friday, January 29, 2010

Penney's 2010 Letter, Part 2

What's Likely in 2010?

A New Way of Learning and Knowing
Yes, I breathed a sigh of relief at the end of 2009, but it didn't last long! The wave regathered strength and from day one of 2010, it has been cresting. Life seems like a grainy photograph suddenly filling in with megapixels; there is more data surfacing in this "higher resolution" than I ever thought I needed or could process. And yet, I know we are adapting to knowing this way, just as we have easily moved to high definition television and super-speedy internet connections.

In 2010, we will need to shift to a soft way of knowing where we encompass more of what's in each present moment with less hard focus on linear-ambitious learning, memorization, and proof-before-action. It doesn't mean we won't develop specific skills that require practice, but that we will focus, then dissolve, focus and dissolve, allowing the Flow to show us what we need to know, moment by moment, according to our soul's deep growth and expansion motives. "Trying" to know will block understanding. Asking to know, and allowing insight in the same moment, will empower wisdom. Taking a moment to feel whether an idea matches your home frequency will give you a finely tuned radar about lies and inappropriate action.

Thoughts into Form and Form into Energy in a Twinkling
2010 will be marked by an even greater acceleration of energy than we felt last year. That means life will occur in an ever-expanding present moment, and that means everything becomes more instantaneous. The time it used to take for a thought to make it into a finished outcome, and for a completion to be eclipsed by boredom and dissolution, will seem like a distant memory. If you hang on to the idea that it takes a long time to heal, or to materialize a new phase of your life, or to move beyond a situation that's limiting you—you'll just cause needless backfiring of your life's process of unfolding. What's most natural now is for your clearly formulated ideas to drop into reality without delay, provided you can clear the old yes, buts and shoulds that don't pertain to your life anymore.

This is equally true for things, people, and situations that don't match your rising vibration. What used to take forever to end, will now be gone in a snap, and sometimes shockingly so. We must not think something is wrong with us when this happens; it's just the accelerating nature of the world. To help the right thoughts flow through us, in and out of reality, we must forge a positive, trusting, conscious relationship with our Inner Perceiver, the part of our awareness that notices things and makes life real and meaningful to us. We must ask, Why am I noticing this right now? And, What am I trying to tell myself? What do I know about this already? What action do I feel like taking now? By trusting our noticings, what wants to materialize can quickly do so.

There Is an Increase in Popcorn-like Tragedies
Some people are predicting global catastrophe as we zero in on 2012. I don't see that as I look from today's viewpoint. I see a number of localized tragedies and upheavals, occurring more closely together in time, like popcorn starting to pop. First a few kernels explode, then more and more at a time. Until now, global tragedies seemed to space themselves out a bit, and we were able to recover from them. But starting with the upheaval in Haiti, we will experience more similar situations throughout 2010. Greater numbers of people around the planet will die, from upheavals, disease, and suicide. The United States will be unable to uphold its role as rescuer and refuge for the needy. Global assistance and collaboration will be necessary. Illegal immigration and refugee migration will become a HUGE issue.

Shortages of Food and Water Begin
Tied to the proliferating local upheavals, there will be a need to shift food and water supplies around the world. Then, we will begin to experience the first real effects of global warming, as droughts occur and spread in areas where agriculture has flourished—another reason food and water supplies will need to be transported from one region of the globe to another. Water will become more valuable than oil. Farms fail, and farmers move to areas where the climate is more temperate and conducive to growing food. New farming methods arise. The hidden benefit in all this is cross-cultural communication, collaboration, and a way past warlike behaviors.

We Simplify without Feeling Deprivation
When I asked my inner guidance about this coming year, here's what I received: "Simplify your life, dissolve false needs, strengthen your body. Simplify your diet and eat less. Drink good water. Be ready for periods where you will do without and yet not suffer in any way. Consciously receive energy and trust it to nurture you in every way. Visualize breathing pure oxygen. Energy will direct your attention, your self-expression. You will not call it "hard times." Be aware of: Who really needs what? Help the Flow move where it's needed. Experience the fullness of what you already have.

The Imaginal Realm Becomes SO Real!
At the same time that we are simplifying and releasing false needs, we are also learning to enter our imagination, or the Imaginal Realm, which is a living workshop space that cocreates realities with us. We must reactivate our imagining and creative ability and practice entering the realities we want to play in and experience. As we flesh out a positive imagined reality, and it takes on sensory qualities, our body can recognize it and it will materialize—quickly. It may seem ironic that we are to let go of false needs, like fancy makeup, clothes, electronic gizmos, gourmet food items, or luxury SUVs, for example, while at the same time engaging our imagination to create new realities that might be as colorful and grand as can be. . . But this is part of a sorting process where we are remembering the importance and even the peacefulness of what's basic, while also learning that we are entitled to create any reality we can dream up. We don't need much, and we have every potential in our personal field, and we can have a complex reality if we want. We're finding that own dreams of a better reality must include a positive scenario for others as well.

We Take Action for What Needs to Happen for the Good of All
We've been opening to experience a more complex reality composed of many kinds of people simultaneously, from the innovative and privileged to the damaged and downtrodden. We've been examining—even if we haven't been aware of it on the surface—what "right action" in today's world might look like for us. We can no longer help by sacrificing ourselves. We must act from joyful service where all our actions are win-win-win, not just self-serving or other-serving. We see through those who act from greed and power-hoarding. We see how they cleverly try to slant other people's perception through misdirection so they can maintain an illusion of control and security. We don't respect "power over others" anymore. We realize we cannot sit still in ignorance, head in the sand, waiting for a better time and for others to fix things for us while hatred tries for domination. We each must act authentically.

2010 feels like it brings very critical issues to a head and asks us to move forward with the Flow of a greater harmony, rather than staying loyal to a cramped, contracted reality that feeds the ego-mind. This year we must choose who we really are, and show the world who we really are. If you are too distracted by text messages, negativity, and the overstimulating external world in general, you may need to cultivate the habit of regular periods of silence. You may need to connect to your inner world this year as never before, while also finding spirit and core meaning in the ordinary world.

Let's bless each other!