Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Penney's 2010 Letter, Part 1

A Brief Recap of 2009

Super Intense Energy!
As we left 2009, many of us breathed a sigh of relief. It was the most intense year energetically that I'd experienced since perhaps. . .1987? A tsunami-like wave of heightened energy began rolling in and through us right from the start, and it only got stronger. It broke loose old habits that were keeping us from fresh perspectives, rooted up places where we were unconscious and jaded in our worldview, and challenged us to be radically honest and real. It made some of us wildly hopeful and others wildly hateful.

We began to recognize the qualities of the "old" reality, where the egomind thinks it's in charge, where it tries to keep us guilty and critical, separate and isolated, and feeling like victims of a difficult, unfair world. We could feel where we weren't fitting with what used to work, because our frequency had increased. Old explanations, excuses, and descriptions of ourselves sounded tinny and hollow. We were antsy, wanting change but not being able to understand logically how it could happen, or what might be able to occur. We waffled back and forth between thinking we might have to be resigned to the old way, and getting high from the clear glimpses and felt sense of our inflowing destiny and the way the "new" reality was going to function. We let go of what no longer matched us and served us, gave up limiting beliefs, and worked through to the other side of many of our fears.

Resistance vs. Cooperation: Not Much of a Choice!
Wherever we didn't clear the egomind's useless soul-blocking clutter (did you notice the new reality TV show about hoarders?), we became depressed, agitated, or even violent. Wherever we resisted the higher frequency energy flowing through our body, emotions, and consciousness, we experienced implosions, snags, reactionary misunderstandings, accidents, losses, and illness.

Wherever we did practice being in the present moment, in our home frequency, and in our body in a loving way, we received the validation of synchronicities, easy materialization of what we needed, relationship problems that cleared up magically, physical problems that healed quickly, and the return of childlike joy and simple pleasures.

Sometimes we reverted to using cleverness and will power to MAKE the new reality happen and last, because unconsciously we were still believing that the old, slow, self-sacrificial, laborious way was stronger than we were. Whenever we did that, there were instantaneous repercussions from the reality around us: we had failures and rejections, seemed invisible or ogrelike to others.

Discovering a "New Normal"
2009 pushed us through our comfort zone, to see that there is a better way than our accustomed level of comfortableness, that there's a "new normal." For all its intensity and unrelentingness, 2009 ushered us into the first level of understanding of what we're going to feel like after we move through the transformation process, and what actions we must become familiar with in order to make the transformation real. 2009 was a year to develop trust in the Flow, to say Yes to evolution and mean it!!