Saturday, November 29, 2008

The MoneyFlow: Low Frequency or High?

Lately I've noticed myself, along with others I counsel and talk to, feeling "tight" when the subject of money comes up. We say, "Money is tight right now." It's a nearly literal way of describing the energy state we are resonating at currently. Our frequency has dropped. We're contracted and jammed up. The flow isn't moving much. This morning, as I thought about balancing my checking account and FINALLY looking at my investment statements for the past few months (which I've been avoiding for fear of the depression that is likely to beset me), I realized how I've been unconsciously contracting, then feeling "bad," when I think about money. And how this isn't helping new money to flow through my life!

I was writing in my journal and this is what came: Don't contract around thoughts of money; expand instead! Say (and feel): "The money is flowi
ng everywhere in the world in spite of what the news says, and I include myself in that flow. I open myself to be a receiver and giver of the moneyflow. I call the moneyflow over here to flow through me, as well as through the others who've called it. It comes where it's called and goes where I send it."

I saw that I'd excluded myself from the moneyflow by contracting every time I thought about money—losing it, spending it, making it, giving it. I saw that "contracting" was both the feeling of "freezing up" and the feeling of avoiding and going into blankness and distraction. Now I'm experimenting with the idea of relaxing when I think of money; I don't have money really, I have moneyflow; it's an experience of a kind of movement in life. I feel how the moneyflow is part of God's love, and if it's flowing in my life, it's a type of loving experience. If it's not flowing in my life, it's another kind of loving experience—perhaps its absence points my attention to something less tangible that I've neglected. The moneyflow is neutral—if I experience the Love that moves the Flow, and feel it in me, and use that Love as the core motive and content in all that I do, then the moneyflow becomes an intrinsic, natural part of my own lifeflow, or loveflow. As the moneyflow moves through me, it brings creative ideas for making, receiving, using, and giving money. It's so natural. So tied together.

Greed only works to attract money for a limited time, since under the motive is a powerful contracted belief that there can never be enough to feel truly secure, or to feel truly good about oneself. When there is a desire to control the moneyflow, especially to preserve a sense of self worth based on the kind of buss and power money can bring, there is always an eventual downfall, so the soul can discover the true source of worth, and the true kind of power, which is based on one's experience of the simple goodness within. Real power is the ability to call forth, or call out from the unified field, various flows of energy, and to direct them into form with your heart-mind, from a love motive, for the sake of the whole.

Societal fear motivations around amassing and hoarding huge stockpiles of "easy money" are now surfacing into the conscious mind of our culture (current events), as the ravenous, unscrupulous money-monsters (multinational banks, cartels, corporations, etc) we never wanted to look at too closely, who we gave all our power to, are failing. Now they, and we, have a clear choice about examining and recentering in the truth of who we really are, as a way for us to re-identify ourselves as people who come from simple goodness. But because we are experiencing losses, shocks, and lack as a result of these collapses, we are contracting into the personal and collective fears that underlie the part of our identity that's based on what we HAVE. And with every fear we indulge in, our frequency drops. The market goes down, our personal vibration goes down.

Our job now is to reverse the slide within ourselves. Refuse to contract. Relax around the idea of moneyflow and expand into a resonance with the worldwide moneyflow. It's so connected to how we hold energy within ourselves and refuse to let it flow, or how we trustingly release the energy that wants to flow through us to go where it wants to go. To reverse this economic crisis, each of us can start by ending contraction in ourselves.