Monday, November 3, 2008

Intuition and Politics: Seeing Through the Smokescreen of Spin

I wrote this editorial in 2004, but it is just as true today:

I am not a particularly political person, as I've never understood why, when discussing politics, friends and loved ones can become so personally identified with mere ideologies and hotly divided against each other. I'm not too patriotic either, in the old Neanderthal way where we boast egotistically of our greatness at the expense of other nations. And yet, I have always felt fiercely proud of the experiment in consciousness that is the United States. The work of the Founding Fathers, and of the matriarchal Iroquois Nation before them, moves my soul.

I believe this country has a noble life purpose—to serve as a kind of laboratory for enlightenment—and that it has a global role to play as a catalytic spiritual force, not as the domineering, know-it-all boss of everyone. I am fascinated watching this process of national spiritual growth unfold, wondering if we will be strong enough morally, with good enough hearts and broad enough vision, to play our part in the world community and carry it off.

Like anyone on a spiritual path, I seek to live increasingly without fear and separatist thinking, and more from an awareness of unity and respect for life. To do that, I practice measuring what I experience against what I know of how the universal laws function, to see what has natural harmony, and actually works, and what doesn't. With politics, this is a challenging task. The true goings-on of our government and leaders are so obscured by smokescreens of media spin—and outright lies—that I've had the tendency to just tune it out rather than make the effort to use my intuition to sort through the heap of grain and chaff. But we must look deeper. What's really true? Where are the false notes? What only works for the short term? This is especially necessary in these post-9/11, politically divisive times. READ THE REST OF THE PDF. . .