Friday, May 16, 2008

Take Action Exercise: Drop Deeper into Your Body
To expand your sense of the present moment, simply drop your attention out of your “to-do” list, deadline orientation, and the line of running verbal commentary that cycles continuously through your waking brain into one of your senses. Try your sense of smell or touch today. Pretend you’re an animal, knowing the world directly through your nose, or through the nerve endings on your skin, or through hearing as far into the distance as you can. Your senses connect you more directly with your body, which is always in the moment. As you attend to what one of your senses is receiving, your mind will slow down automatically, and your intuition will open. Then you can get the truly important and inspired messages. Focus on: My body is trying to tell me something important. What are your body’s key concerns today? Hint: The body never says “should”!