Thursday, May 1, 2008

5 things your soul wants you to know
about dealing with the chaos of the world

The outside world is more chaotic than it's ever been as society clears its collective subconscious mind. Underneath it all, your soul is calm and clear. You can remain a pillar of sanity as others fall apart, and that is a great contribution to the world.

1. Your true, "original tone" is always inside you. You can recenter into that frequency in any moment, and you will immediately be able to discern the answers that are most accurate and appropriate for you, for each situation.

2. While other people are experiencing storms, dramas, and traumas, you need not go into that reality and commiserate with them. You may continue to hold steady with what you know about the soul's true nature, choosing your own preferred vibration and state of awareness. Then if you want to offer help, it will come from truth and will be grounded.

3. Chaos is caused in part by being caught in the polarized, dualistic mind, which stops the natural ebb and flow of awareness. When you take sides and don't acknowledge how the opposite side exists in you, you will be tossed around until you can hold both sides of any polarity without freezing your attention.

4. Chaos is also caused by fear which creates a contraction in your body, emotions, and mind. When you contract, consciousness and energy can't flow. Then you can't feel the soul, don't receive wise guidance, don't feel safe, and are flooded with adrenalin. Higher perception is not clear under these circumstances. Make it a priority to routinely loosen the tension you carry in your muscles and mind.

5. Underneath every screech, wail, and bellow is the sound, "Ahhhhh," the sound of the universe in harmony. Every pained cry will eventually run out of steam and unwind to form the universal sound of existence once again. Listen actively for this underlying sound, imagine striking that tone as you might a tuning fork, feeling/hearing the vibration rising from the depths to help stressful situations unwind more quickly and smoothly.

This material is copyrighted by Penney Peirce, from The Intuitive Way, second edition